Mélanie Page: Nagui’s companion shares her happy reunion on Instagram

Like many celebrities, Mélanie Page likes to share her vacation photos with her community of subscribers on social networks. In a photo posted on her Instagram account on 19 July 2021, Nagui’s companion immortalized a bedtime de soleil where the actress poses alongside the host of Don’t forget the lyrics but also of their band of friends composed of Michel Cymès, Valérie Bègue, Jean Roch, Bruno Solo, Manu Lévy or even Leïla Kaddour.

Saturday August 7 2021, the one who sometimes officiates in Everyone has their say published a photo that seems to come straight from the south of France but on which Mélanie Page has this time reduced the number of guests. Indeed, the one who was seen in Sous le soleil poses with Florence Pernel, one of the main actresses of the series The school of vie , broadcast on Channel 2. ” When the math teacher meets the principal on vacation … or the reunion of Joubert and Mine … strongly season 2! @Lecoledelavieoff @ florence.pernel #elleestcoollaboss #hatederetravaillerensemble”, wrote Nagui’s companion in the caption.

Mélanie Page to the poster of season 2 of The School of Life

Since 21 April, the viewers of France 2 have indeed discovered a new series taking place in the school environment and entitled The school of life . This six-episode program, co-produced by Nagui, deals with many heavy subjects, such as disability, alcoholism, precariousness or even mistreatment. Headlining, Guillaume Labbé, in the role of Vincent Picard, professor of History-Geography struck by a great drama, Florence Pernel and therefore Mélanie Page.

The actress who plays the character of Sandrine Joubert confides that everything was not obvious during the filming of the mini-series. “This character is not the opposite of me, despite his very quirky side, but there is one thing that was very difficult for me , she explained to Current Woman . ” I realized, unwittingly, that I was someone who was smiling all the time! That is to say that I smile very often in a day, so when I play, it’s a reflex that I have without realizing it ” , told the actress of 45 years.

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