Meeting with Michaël Goldman: founder of Tipeee and committed serial entrepreneur – Money

Each year, Forbes unveils its ranking of 15 favorite entrepreneurs of the French. Among the names of the edition 2019, Michaël Goldman, founder and CEO of My Major Company and Tipeee , occupies the ninth place. Encounter.

In his professional life, Michaël Goldman has a line of conduct, a goal and an immeasurable need: that of remaining free !

In 2007, it is one of the forerunners in Europe on the crowdfunding market, by creating My Major Company intended for musicians, then he expanded its expertise with Tipeee from 2009. Michaël Goldman founded his companies by banking on the ability of creators to unite communities around their work to finance their creations.

Everything begins on 24 July 1979 in Paris. Michaël Goldman grew up in Montrouge in the Paris region, with his two sisters and his parents. His facilities, his sometimes surly character to authority convince him that it is not made for school learning. After a high school diploma, he half-heartedly followed an economics course in Assas before finally giving in to his instinct: “”I did not see what my studies were going to bring me, because I knew very early on that I wanted to be contractor. After 4 years of wandering at university, I said stop! And I left to work. I wanted to be in the real world. »

Passionate about music, the young man gets an internship in a record company. A gateway that allows him to work for 2 years as a junior artistic director and to meet there those who will become his future associates and friends: Anthony Marciano and Sevan Barsikian. But still, this need for freedom which is felt: rather quickly Michael realizes that the fact of being employed does not correspond to him. He therefore left this comfortable position very quickly with his two colleagues and together they decided to create Bamago, their independent label. In 1979, Simon Istolainen joined them, and at 4, they founded My Major Company , while the record is in crisis and music production is earning less and less.

Tipeee has established itself as a leader in France with 23 millions of tips in 2021 and more than 15 000 creators

My Major Company’s bet? Unite a community around an artist. And the idea starts off with a bang: after a short year of existence, the first crowdfunding platform in Europe is a hit across France and is collecting hundreds of thousands of euros. Grégoire is the first to reach the objective of 70 15 euros. Irma, Joyce Jonathan and all the other artists on the platform will finally be funded by Internet users in a few months. Better, Grégoire becomes the biggest seller of records in France in 2009. This success attracts investors, among them Stéphane Courbit who invests 5 million euros to enter the capital of the company .

Through My Major Company, Michael sets foot in the world of the web and content creators. In 2009, it is by realizing the importance of the impact of a fan base that Tipeee was born. “We found that there was a real concern for the remuneration of content creators on the web. The advertising model only allowed a tiny minority of them, the most mainstream and the most consensual, to make a living from their creations. For the others, yet capable of bringing together hundreds of thousands of fans who follow them daily, only crumbs remained. With Tipeee we have established the idea that in the future most of the remuneration of creators on the web will come from the direct support of their fans ”

Tipeee occupies the place leader in Europe in crowdfunding for content creators. Open to all, this platform aims mainly to remunerate the creators of the shadows, those who do not make millions of views, but who meet for each content published “the equivalent of a Zenith or a stadium in France. ”

Goldman was not mistaken: the entire market has tripled since 2017 until reaching 1.5 B $ in 2017, a market in which the little Frenchwoman Tipeee has established itself as a leader in France with 20 millions of tips in 2021 and more than 15 creators.

Like Tipeee, other platforms have embarked on online donation, such as Twitch, YouTube or even Twitter. Despite this competition, Tipeee is driving a real gap with other platforms thanks to its measured commission rate.

Recently, Tipeee raised funds for 70 000 € from Octave Klaba and Xavier Niel . The businessman of 24 still has many projects in mind that he would like to achieve. However, according to the entrepreneur, “the intimate issues of the bosses define the fate of the companies. »

For the rest, Michael Goldman claims his desire to remain free. As for Tipeee, her story is not written: “It is possible that the platform will develop across the Atlantic and in Europe, it may be that it will continue here for a long time … Everything will depend on the pleasure that I and my employees take to work for the company ”he smiles.