McDonald's has created a huge buzz by installing exercise bikes in its restaurants

As reported by Business Insider , a video TikTok showing a young woman eating a burger while riding a stationary bike in a McDonald’s recently exceeded 12 million views in 5 days. A virality undoubtedly fueled by the contradictory ideas underlying the consumption of fast food and exercise but which also hides a real initiative by McDonald’s China with the aim of reducing its carbon footprint: the installation of manufactured apartment bicycles. from recycled plastic which are used both as a table but also to generate electricity to recharge your smartphone or other. Obviously, this also allows you to exercise and why not burn a handful of calories while ingesting others … and thus feel less guilty. Given the success of this project, if only from a communication point of view (for now, still according to Business Insider , there would be 10 “Green Charging Bikes” divided between two restaurants in Guangdong and Shanghai), we can consider that it is a genius idea.