McDonald's: 5 things to know about American fast food

1. McDonald’s feeds 46 million people a day.

I counted, it’s about… One France. In total in the world, there are 38 000 McDo, which makes an opening every 15h since its creation in 1986. So you’ll never really be in trouble if you look a little bit around you.

2. There are 4 official nugget shapes: boot, bell, ball, bow tie (or bone).

Yes, that’s Seriously, this is not a joke at all. And why ? to “to standardize the cooking time in all restaurants in order to comply with food safety instructions”. Not so dumb huh?

And McDo also gives a second explanation: “Our chicken nuggets have these shapes only for children. dipping in the sauce thus becomes more fun for them”. They are nice these Americans all the same.

3. McDo’s first menu served… hot dogs.

Not burgers. Yeah I know you’re disappointed, you feel cheated. Wait I have worse, they even sold pizzas in the 70s. Today they made up for it, the burger is the king (do you have it?). Sorry. McDo is catching up very well on the subject because it sells 75 burgers per second!

4. There is a Big Mac Index.

What’s this ? It is an economic index to calculate purchasing power. Instead of counting in dollars or euros, we count in Big Macs. And it’s very serious. It was The Economist magazine that created this in 1986. It allows you to see where the cost of living is more or less expensive… Clever

5. The McDO Gold card really exists!

Myth from our childhood, this card is real shit! It entitles you to eat for free at McDo. And among the holders a certain Bill Gates, one of the richest men in the world. I think he had the means to pay for a little fries, the guy, but hey. We always give everything to the richest, it’s well known.