Mayor Lenny Curry believes private emotions may have gotten in the best way of progress – throughout City Council’s vote on Lot J, Tuesday evening.

That’s one of many issues he mentioned when Action News Jax  Courtney Cole interviewed him this afternoon.

The invoice died in metropolis council chambers on Tuesday evening. It was shy only one vote crucial to maneuver ahead.

12 councilmembers voted ‘yes’ and seven voted ‘no.’

It required a brilliant majority of 13 votes, as an alternative of only a majority, which is often simply 10 of the 19 council members voting in approval.

The Lot J proposal required a  tremendous majority, as a result of it could have required a change to the funds—which was already authorized in Fall 2020.

Any proposed adjustments to an authorized funds, requires a brilliant majority vote from metropolis council.

Mayor Curry stated it’s loss for Jacksonville, as a result of Lot J would have been a “transformative” improvement.

Some of town council members who voted ‘no’ imagine the mayor wasn’t clear sufficient all through the method.

But throughout Wednesday afternoon’s interview, he rejected that concept.

He defined he was simply fulfilling his function beneath the Executive Branch of presidency:  negotiating a deal, bringing the invoice to council and leaving it to councilmembers to debate.

“I was upset, I feel like it would’ve been something good for everyone in the community,” stated Haley King.

Many wakened Wednesday morning feeling like King, confused about why metropolis council members didn’t move the deal for downtown improvement.

“It’s a bummer, it really is,” King Told Action News Jax.

Councilman Garrett Dennis, of District 9, was one of many 7 councilmembers who voted ‘no’ to Lot J.

“I’ve always said that I supported the development of Lot J. But I could not vote, support a deal that fleeces the tax payers and this deal fleeces the tax payers,” Dennis stated.

Councilman Michael Boylan, of District 9, was one of many 12 councilmembers who voted ‘yes’ to Lot J.

“I just kept my eye on the end result, which was the impact on the neighborhood, the thousands of jobs it would’ve created for construction folks in the area and the on-going jobs thereafter, the willingness of the Jaguars and the developers to help build up that area of the city,” Councilman Boylan advised Action News Jax Courtney Cole.

The $450M undertaking included $245.3M in public incentives.

There was a $65M  breadbox mortgage that councilmembers couldn’t agree on, as effectively.

“This was a big proposal, that was a part of, a big part, of the financial viability of this team and Jacksonville. It was a proposal where Shad [Khan] was going to invest hundreds-of-millions of dollars of his money. He was bringing in a nationally known developer, internationally known, developer. And it sends the wrong message,” stated Mayor Curry.

When Cole requested Mayor Curry why the residents of Jacksonville ought to belief that any plans for the Shipyards will come to fruition, he advised her: “We mustn’t, possible won’t, discover ourselves in one other state of affairs the place you want 13 votes. We know that there are 12 councilmembers which might be dedicated to—not solely your complete metropolis—however the crew and downtown improvement. Of these 12, we are going to want 10 on these future votes. I imagine that with  good religion and continued communication, that Councilman and Becton and Councilman Ferraro, I believe there could also be some downtown offers that they might be keen to work with us on.

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