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Transcript for Mayim Bialik is a scientist in real life, not just TV

Still think about how we put people in boxes and make assumptions about them based really on what you do for a living. You should you only catch ethic so I do you living alone cats are like your babies in you eat canned soup for dinner every night. Not even clips. Spot on it. I’m have a good night live from the new five series come meek ad starring one of the smartest women in Hollywood not only has she starred on. Hit shows like blossom act and the Big Bang theory but she’s also. Actually a doctor a neuroscientist. At the exact. Please welcome the brilliant mind and be out like Greek to have you with us I. Loved you grew up with a few it’s still fun to see your success and I mean that my goodness you didn’t just play a scientist. In the Big Bang theory you aren’t scientists as we just pointed out so how did how did that evolution take place because we know you are child actor. And then you’ve managed to accomplish quite of that. I’m well thank you first of all I was on blossom from fourteen to nineteen. I fell in love with science and left the industry for twelve years eight with UCLA lakers nine public university. And I studied neuroscience in Hebrew and Jewish studies and I went straight into a doctoral program. I like these is just like Boehner and the chronology I study gives us bulls this murderer and robber really send drum. And how they ending in defense and a toddler. By the time it finished grad school and defended my pieces. And was running our health insurance didn’t snow they went back acting as the giant get a couple jobs did not know I would be a regular on the number one comedy in America which I had never seen or heard. What. I’ll hold that so that’s how life just happens sometimes dreaded. It won’t not to be Alec you’re actually using it humvee using what you’ve learned Jackson have a podcast. Com that’s actually helping in talking to people of ballots mental health issues. Yeah we’re launching next week it’s called my B Alex break down and you know I came up with this idea with my partner Jonathan Cohen during. During a really exceptional here when a lot of people’s mental health issues became a much closer to them and we have a web site the outbreak of dot com we launch next week on Spotify anywhere that you hear podcasts and we’ll also be on YouTube channels you can watch it. And the ideas to talk about altering mental health. My goodness and you know what it couldn’t have come at a more important time with what this country is facing on multiple fronts so.

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