Mattarella remembers the miners who died in Marcinelle: “From these tragedies Europe has learned to put rights and safeguards on integration”

Sixty-five years after the Marcinelle tragedy, Sergio Mattarella remembers the Italian victims of that terrible day. On 8 August 1956 the victims of the fire that broke out at the Bois du Cazier, one of the main shafts of the Marcinelle mine, in France, were 252. Among the victims, 136 were Italians who emigrated beyond the Alps in search of work. Also today, there is another anniversary, that of the seventy-fifth anniversary of the signing of the Italo-Belgian Agreement for the supply of coal to Italy destroyed by the war. “From the criticalities of this agreement, and from tragic events such as those that occurred at the Bois du Cazier, Europe has learned the important lesson of having to place rights and protections at the center of the continental integration process”, writes Mattarella in his message. .

The President of the Republic then went on to recall that after the economic crisis caused by the Covid pandemic 19 “we are experiencing a new phase of recovery and restart. The European Union – built on the basis of shared values ​​and common norms and institutions – has been able to find in itself the energy to help the peoples of the Member States in the difficult path to exit the pandemic “. A support arrived through the funds of Recovparmi. “The ambitious goals we have set for ourselves in the relaunch and resilience plans cannot be achieved without a responsible individual and collective effort.” That responsibility exercised by the many Italian workers who have traveled the streets of the world “, warns the Head of State.

Which then adds: “My most respectful thoughts and the closeness of the Republic today go first and foremost to the families of those who lost their lives in the workplace, emblematically represented by the relatives of the victims by Marcinelle. May this message – concludes the Head of State – also reach all our compatriots who are abroad for professional reasons, with sentiments of deep gratitude for their contribution and their commitment “.

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