Matrix Resurrections review: blue pill or red pill?

After twenty years without news from Neo, Trinity and Morpheus on the big screen, Lana Wachowski invites us to dive back into the Matrix. An ambitious project awaited at the turn… Matrix Resurrections will be released in cinemas tomorrow. Check out our spoiler-free review . You can therefore continue reading this article without fear!

Dive back into the Matrix!

On 30 June 1999 marks a turning point for science fiction enthusiasts. This is the release of Matrix in French cinemas. More than twenty years later, it is undeniable, the film is engraved in the minds, popular culture and the history of cinema. Just that. Two components complete the complex machine launched in 2000: Matrix Reloaded and Matrix Revolutions .

If the first opus remains THE classic and that some deplore the decreasing quality of the two films that followed, this trilogy as a whole remains cult. And relatively essential to understand all the issues of the story told by the Wachowski sisters. Today, talking about blue or red pills when we are faced with a choice has entered our vocabulary. In short, Matrix is a juggernaut of cinema and science fiction. And touching it after so many years can be risky.

So when we learned that a fourth part was going to see the light of day, we were torn. On the one hand, this fear of being disappointed. To see yet another reboot. On the other, an immense joy to find adored cult characters and to dive back into the Matrix. All we have left to do? Trusting Lana Wachowski, even if her sister Lilly went missing, after working on the first three films.

Knowing that Keanu Reeves and Carrie-Anne Moss were reprising their respective roles of Neo and Trinity reassured us more or less. But this fear of being disappointed in front of the “film too many” remained. How to explain the return of the protagonists after everything that happened in the trilogy?

Back to the source

This review does not include any spoilers. However, many of the things mentioned do appear in the trailers. If you haven’t seen it, go your way.

In Matrix Resurrections , we finds Thomas Anderson (or Neo) after several years. As we can see in the trailers of the film, the character played by Keanu Reeves is in the throes of strange memories when his psychologist prescribed anxiolytics… Blues.

We thus plunge head first into the Matrix. Nostalgia obliges, we are still very happy to find familiar characters and a universe. New characters are introduced, such as Bugs played by Jessica Henwick ( Iron Fist ), or the strange psychologist played by Neil Patrick Harris ( How I Met Your Mother ). Jonathan Groff ( MindHunters ) dons Agent Smith’s costume and is absolutely perfect in his role. We are gradually entering this new film, ready to do battle with what Lana Wachowski has in store for us.

First good point: this sequel, after twenty years of absence, is brought in a smart, somewhat meta way. In the correct meaning of the term. Without revealing too much, Matrix Resurrections ready to think (and to smile) with an impeccable mise en abyme.

We realize very quickly that this new opus gently laughs at what could be done in the first three films. To the point of using an element against the protagonists that has helped them a lot in the past. And above all, this film points the finger at Hollywood and its incessant desire for remakes and reboots that have spoiled many licenses and sagas adored by fans. Meta, we told you.

Matrix Resurrections titillates us with many moments of déjà vu and multiple winks past films like the famous pills: red or blue? The choice is yours, Neo. Once again. We will also find the famous training dojo, introduced in the first film. Niobe, still played by Jada Pinkett Smith, is there, despite a few years in the teeth, and actress Priyanka Chopra Jonas ( Quantico ) will have a key role, reprising a character that we have already crossed. Already seen, mise en abyme… We end up wondering if we are not, too, in the Matrix. And finally, we realize that we are in a bit of an endless cycle.

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Overall, Matrix Resurrections has some pretty action scenes that take our breath away. Nothing as revolutionary as when the first opus was released in 1999 but always appreciable scenes. If the film lasts nearly 2 hours 20, which is quite long, we do not get bored and Lana Wachowski manages with brio to keep our attention.

Obviously, Neo and Trinity’s relationship carries the film since it has a central place. Without saying too much, Trinity gave way to Tiffany, a mother who catches the eye of Thomas Anderson and who reminds him of someone…

With so many references, winks, deja-vu, this fourth part relies heavily on nostalgia. And with good reason. Because if certain moments can sometimes be far-fetched, we grant it, we are too happy to dive back into the rich universe of the franchise. Little advice, therefore: watching the first film is highly recommended. And if you can redo the trilogy before you experience Matrix Resurrections , that’s even better.

Should we go see Matrix Resurrections?

If you are a fan of Matrix , you will enjoy restarting the machine and returning to the matrix. We are entitled to beautiful action scenes, references to past films and an interesting reflection. Unlike the first opus, we strongly doubt that Matrix Resurrections will revolutionize the genre. But we never asked him this. The film is thrilling and fun, but plays a lot with nostalgia.

Of course, if you’ve never really liked the Matrix trilogy , this new component will be no exception. Put away your credit card and choose another film… Spider-Man: No Way Home ?