Marine Le Pen with her European allies in Madrid to put out the French fire

Marine Le Pen, far-right presidential candidate, meets her European allies in Madrid on Saturday to establish her credibility while the fire of the family saga smolders in Paris with her niece Marion Maréchal, tempted to join Éric Zemmour .

The candidate of the National Rally judged Friday “violent” that her niece is thinking of joining her rival by insisting on the “personal aspect” of their relationship and by ensuring to be “better placed” to win in April than the former columnist.

Marine Le Pen (around 17%) is given in the polls in second place in the first round, neck and neck with the LR candidate Valérie Pécresse, ahead of Eric Zemmour (17%).

Photomontage of Marion Marechal in Paris on 28 September 2019 and his aunt Marine Le Pen, RN presidential candidate in Mesnil-Raoul (Seine-Maritime) on December 8 embre 2021 (AFP – Sameer Al-DOUMY)While rumors evoked a rallying of Marion Marshal at the beginning of February, the latter first denied, before confiding in Le Parisien then Le Figaro to say that she wants to “redo politics” and that she “leans” for Eric Zemmour, without rallying him at this stage. .

Marine Le Pen wanted to “get her niece out of the woods”, even soap the board of her official rallying, says a source close to Eric Zemmour’s campaign.

At the risk of rekindling family wounds, which Marion Maréchal wants to avoid at all costs.

– Stand out –

Far from these eddies, Marine Le Pen meets Saturday in Madrid his far-right and sovereigntist allies, including the Hungarian Prime Ministers Viktor Orban and Polish Mateusz Morawiecki, almost two months after a similar meeting in Warsaw.

Enough to consolidate his international stature and credibility on its ability to ac yield to power, while she obtained for her presidential campaign a loan of 10, 6 million euros “from a European bank”, as we learned on Friday.

It stands out from Eric Zemmour who, in his pre-campaign, experienced heckled international travels to London and Geneva, after beating her competitor in the fall with Viktor Orban in Budapest.

Marine Le Pen and Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban in Warsaw on December 4 2021 (AFP – Wojtek RADWANSKI)Marine Le Pen does not exclude Madrid from “discussing” with her Polish allies the future of the two former MEPs who left for Eric Zemmour, Jérôme Rivière and Gilbert Collard . The two elected officials were excluded from the Identity and Democracy (ID) group in the European Parliament, where the RN sits, but could be tempted to join another group.

The candidate took care to bring in Madrid the MEP Nicolas Bay, first vice-president of the ID group, who “has all his place” she underlined Wednesday, when he is cited among those tempted to join Eric Zemmour.

Marine Le Pen greeted her “friends” from the Spanish Vox party, host of the meeting in Madrid, on Friday on her arrival, which had established a partnership with Marion Maréchal’s school of political science.

– Ukraine –

On the European level, it is for Marine Le Pen, who has given up on leaving the euro, to demonstrate that sovereigntists can “change the Europe of the interior”, even if nothing is expected from this summit, which will not be attended by the leader of the Italian League Matteo Salvini.

The officials present in Warsaw had discussed the possibility of common votes in the European Parliament but without managing to conclude a formal alliance.

The French candidate has already expressed her support for Poland and Hungary in their showdown with the European Commission, advocating like them the primacy of national law over European law.

But differences remain, as on the Ukrainian crisis. Marine Le Pen invokes NATO commitments so that she “cannot have forces on the Russian border”. While the Eastern European countries are worried about the Russian military reinforcement.

In the long term, these formations would like to constitute a common group in the European Parliament, where they are divided between the ID group (French RN , Italian League, German AfD) and the group of European Conservatives and Reformists (CRE), which includes Poland’s Law and Justice, Spain’s Vox and Fratelli d’Italia.

Viktor’s Fidesz Orban, who divorced the European People’s Party (EPP) group in March, is looking for other partners.