Marie Drucker in a particularly high-cut dress, the journalist plays her sexy fashionista!

The temperature climbed several degrees this Friday August 6. If the weather is not bright over a large part of France, Marie Drucker has brought a little sun to her subscribers. A fan of social networks, the niece of the famous presenter Michel Drucker does not hesitate to share moments of her life with her community. And the journalist has not deviated from her habit in this summer period.

In her Instagram story, Marie Drucker offered a small glimpse of her outfit of the day. Dressed in a mid-length dress signed, the daughter of Jean Drucker proudly displays the creation of Stéphanie Renouvin. One detail has not gone unnoticed! While the young woman wanted to highlight the elegant details of her outfit, it was above all the slit of her dress that attracted all eyes. The journalist therefore gives a glimpse of this particularly high-cut outfit and she plays it sexy, but be careful, with class! Something to delight all his community.

One thing is certain, it is that everything seems to smile at the host. Currently, Marie Drucker is promoting her new book, entitled En forme, in which she reveals all her well-being secrets after quarantine.

Michel Drucker’s niece is a natural woman , without the fuss. Moreover, when she describes herself, she does not go all the way and does not hesitate to tackle herself. During an interview with Madame Figaro for the release of her book, the 46 year old host described herself as a person: ” excessive and uncompromising “. She also said, ” It’s exhausting for others and for me, but I’m not sure I want to be any other way “. In any case, what she hates above all in others remains: “L e lacks courage and work” . You have been warned!

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