Manuel Valls: his wife Susana attacked in the middle of the street, an open investigation!


Susana Gallardo, Manuel’s wife Valls, had a traumatic experience in June. According to the Spanish newspaper “El Mondo”, the rich heiress was attacked in the middle of the street! Two years after leaving the post of Prime Minister in France, Manuel Valls wants to conquer Spain. It was in Barcelona that Manuel Valls chose to settle and campaign. Candidate for mayor of Barcelona, ​​the former deputy is far from being the favorite! In May 2019, he contents himself with the post of municipal councilor in Barcelona. The same year, Manuel Valls married Susana Gallardo, rich heiress of the pharmaceutical laboratories Almirall. For their wedding, the couple organized a long three-day ceremony in the Balearics.

“She was scared”

A year after their meeting, Manuel Valls and Susana Gallardo said “yes” for better or for worse. And the worst, the couple recently experienced. As the Spanish newspaper “El Mondo” tells us, Susana Gallardo had a traumatic experience on June 9 2019. As she was walking through the streets of Barcelona, ​​in the residential area of ​​Sant Gervasi-Galvany, a man approached her to ask her the time. An approach technique to steal Susana Gallardo’s watch. The thief fled aboard a motorcycle driven by an accomplice. During the assault, Susana Gallardo was allegedly hit in the arm. “She was scared” , explains a witness to the altercation. Warned very quickly, Manuel Valls joined his wife a few minutes after the robbery. The former Prime Minister then exchanged with the Spanish security forces for an investigation to be opened. On the other hand, no complaint was lodged, always according to “El Mondo”.

Manuel Valls and Susana Gallardo will soon leave Barcelona to return to France. After resigning from his post as Barcelona city councilor, Manuel Valls announced that he was joining the BFM TV and RMC teams for weekly debates. Loyal viewers will find him from the start of the school year alongside Alain Marschall and Olivier Truchot once a week. A new change of course for Manuel Valls.

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