Malika Ménard: The former Miss draws a STUNNING cleavage in her bathroom!

Malika Ménard knows how to heat up her community! This Thursday, August 5, the beauty drew a photo in her story that will stay in the minds of her fans for a long time! Indeed, on the photo, the Normande appeared in undress in her bathroom in front of her mirror. More precisely a one-piece swimsuit with a vertiginous neckline …

For those who have not had the chance to see this fabulous shot, a little session of catch up:

His shot rant in the face of criticism from the networks!

A few weeks ago, Malika Ménard took the floor to raise a rant against the criticism that it was able to receive. Not spared by the haters, she had decided to retaliate by saying:

“Not to be married to 30 years is ok. Being divorced at 20 years (.. .) not having a child at 20 years is ok. Not having a child at 30 years, it’s still ok (…) In fact, the one and only thing that is not ok is not to be yourself “, she explains in the short film. To prove her point, Malika Ménard even went so far as to illustrate her own situation. “So there you go, I’m 33 years old. I’m not married. I have no children. I am not an owner and I have not signed a CDI either … and all is well. I am the result of my choices, of my meetings … of my destiny. “, she captioned.

Hope the message got through!

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