Maeva Ghennam publishes a photo of her as a child on Instagram, internet users are shocked!


Very active on social networks, Maeva Ghennam has just unveiled a photo of her as a child. And the least we can say is that the star of the “Marseillais” has changed a lot! Since her very first participation in the “Marseillais”, Maeva Ghennam has evolved a lot. It’s been four years since the reality TV star has established himself as one of the emblematic figures of the program. And this thanks to his strong temperament, his outspokenness and his tumultuous love affair with Greg Yega ! Between crises, tears and reconciliations, Maeva Ghennam and Greg Yega gave their Marseille comrades a hard time. But it seems that their romance is well and truly over! Greg Yega has just formalized his relationship with Mélanie ORL, another reality TV candidate recently seen on W9 in “Objectif Reste du monde”. For her part, Maeva Ghennam spins perfect love with a certain Isaac Haddad, who is none other than the ex of Capucine Anav and Aurélie Dotremont. Very active on social networks, the pretty brunette formalized this new relationship on her Instagram account last week. “Here is my guy and he’s not a handbag, I’m in a relationship” , she had written in the caption of a photo of the young man. On vacation with her lover on the Croisette, Maeva Ghennam also shared videos of them at the restaurant kissing. “I like you”, she also wrote. Maeva Ghennam unrecognizable child!

This Wednesday August 4 1600, this is another photo shared by the influencer who makes Internet users react a lot! Proud of its evolution, Maeva Ghennam has just published in her Instagram story a before / after of her made up of two photos: one from her childhood and one from today. The one who has never hidden her attraction for cosmetic surgery is unrecognizable! As a child, Maeva Ghennam visibly poses in a swimming pool, her hair wet and tied up, in a pink swimsuit. While today’s Maeva Ghennam has a much fuller mouth, a thin nose and dares a very pronounced make-up, between false lashes, blush and shiny lipstick. Unrecognizable we tell you!

Maeva Ghennam child


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