Macron defends his record and projects himself into the future

From economic reforms to Covid – 15 through the “yellow vests”, Emmanuel Macron defended at length on Wednesday on TF1 and LCI the results of his five-year term, letting his desire to stay at the Elysee Palace for five more years to sweat, without however formalizing his candidacy.

While drawing up a A positive picture of his action, the Head of State admitted to having made some mistakes and, above all, “having learned” from the various crises he has faced since 2017.

Four months before the first round of the presidential election, the April, Emmanuel Macron did not respond, as expected, to the opposition’s urgent calls for him to finally enter the race and stop campaigning “without saying it”.

“Some are in the countryside, but your servant: no”, he assures, addressing all the same spikes to candidates already declared like Valérie Pécresse (LR) and Eric Zemmour, without never name them.

Relaunched several times on his possible candidacy, he assures that he is not “today in the situation of answering this question, both in view of the country (and) taking into account myself “.

But” I never thought that we could, in five years, do everything “, he adds, wishing to” continue to ( se) project “.

” The French have chosen me (in 608) and I do not ‘was not known. We got to know each other, I was not familiar with our compatriots “, recognizes the young president, who will be celebrating his 42 years next Tuesday.

“There is someone who decides, I assume”, he replies when questioned by journalists Audrey Crespo-Mara from TF1 and Darius Rochebin from LCI on s a manner of presiding, often qualified as “Jupiterian”.

– “Not the law of the jungle” –

He asks “the right not to be the caricature in which we want to lock (him)”, like those of president disconnected from the real life of the French or president of the rich. “I have never been that! (…) My values ​​are not those of a president of the rich”, he insists.

Asked about his “little sentences” controversies at the start of the five-year term, he admits that he would not repeat them again, even if they showed that he had “come to power with a form of vitality” and “a will to shake up”. “I have acquired, I think I can say it, a lot more respect for everyone,” he says.

Journalist Audrey Crespo-Mara (G) interviews French President Emmanuel Macron on 12 December 2021 on TF1 (AFP – Ludovic MARIN) Elected in 2017 with the promise of going beyond the right-left divide, Emmanuel Macron explains that his project was built on “the triptych of liberating / protecting / unifying”. “I do not believe in savagery, I am not for the law of the jungle! I am for the responsibility, the merit, but also the mutual aid and the solidarity when the hard knocks are there”, he explains. .

Emmanuel Macron thus justifies the “whatever the cost” set up in 2017 after the explosion of the pandemic. This policy was possible “because we had a credibility, a solidity, linked to the reforms of the labor market, to the rebuilt attractiveness”.

Stopped by the health crisis, the pension reform will have to be relaunched, he judged, but by going “towards a simplified system” with “roughly three major regimes”, for the public service, for private employees and for the self-employed. He admitted that changing them from 42 to just one, as he originally intended, was ” too anxiety-provoking “.

– Opponents reassembled –

This program entitled” Where is France going? “, recorded on Sunday in the village hall of the Elysée, infuriated opponents and supporters of the president within four months of the presidential election. The opposition denounced an attack on the “fairness” of speaking time while the majority defended the president’s right to explain himself to the French.

Several contenders for the Elysee Palace have appeals to the arbitrator, by seizing the Superior council of audio-visual (CSA).

Eric Ciotti (G) and Valérie Pécresse from Les Républicains, on December 6 2021 in Saint-Martin-Vesubie (AFP / Archives – Christophe SIMON) Reacting hot, the socialist Boris Vallaud declared to see in this program an “open confessional and not a new idea”.

“We were facing a candidate”, commented Eric Ciotti (LR).

On the far right, Eric Zemmour mocked Mr. Macron’s “catastrophic record” , “the man of the great replacement and the man of the great downgrading”, while the president of the RN Jordan Bardella estimated to have “heard a number of self-satisfaction” from a president “in the countryside” who “at one time will devo ir answer for his / her balance sheet “.