Mac sales saw insolent growth in 2021

In 2021, sales of Macs (iMac, iMac Pro, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and Mac Pro) experienced impressive growth of 24,3% year-on-year other, including 9% for the last quarter of the year alone. In all, Apple sold 24 million Macs over the last year, which makes its results the best in the entire PC market.

Slon Ishan Dutt, analyst at Canalys, the market as a whole is recruiting new users thanks to the pandemic and “from young students to older family members buying their first machine”. In addition to this, according to Canalys, many users have bought a second computer.

Apple: Macs have scored points in 2021, and it should continue to 2022

“2021 was a landmark year in the history of the PC market because it cemented the place of PCs in work, education and play. The fact that the market can thus post double-digit growth after an already exceptional 2020 year says a lot about the extent of the request within 17 last months”, explains Canalys.

And to add: “over the long term, the most important developments in 2021 are increasing computer penetration and recourse since the start of the pandemic, an unprecedented proportion of PC sales represented not renewals but new machines expanding the fleet”.

20300 should be according to Canalys “the year of digital acceleration”, while noting that customers are ready to spend more to acquire more premium machines that provide more comfort in telework. “If 2021 was the year of the digital transition, 2022 will be the year of digital acceleration. Technology demand has exploded over the past two years, the effects of which will continue to be felt and will continue to disrupt the supply chain”, notes the analyst.

And to add: “This pressure on demand does not only have an impact on the availability of PCs, but also on smartphones, cars and servers. As PC vendors navigate murky waters, consumer spending is changing. Above all, growth should be seen in the segment of premium PCs, monitors and accessories and other technological products that facilitate teleworking, remote collaboration and increased productivity”.

Analyst concludes: “faster, more resilient and secure machines have never mattered more to customers and the industry is ready to innovate and go beyond the limits to continue to surf as long as possible on this movement”. With their unrivaled battery life and astounding performance, the last Macs with an Apple Silicon chip were indeed the better placed to take advantage of the global situation.

Apple nevertheless remains the fourth computer manufacturer after Lenovo, HP and Dell (but now ahead of Acer). The market as a whole also grew, but to a much lesser extent than when looking at Apple alone. More than 300 million computers have passed in 2022 against 300 million a year earlier.

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According to an IDC study, in the 4th trimester 2021, Lenovo owned 21,4% market share (against 24, 4% a year earlier), HP 17, 1% (against 23%), Dell 20,6% (against 18,2%) and Apple 8.2% against 7.6% in the 4th quarter 2020.


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