M5S: Conte, the administrative grain and the crazy idea of ​​running as leaders in Naples

Giuseppe Conte, M5S leader In addition to bureaucratic delays (Rousseau is no longer there), in the October elections, the Movement risks collecting very low percentages. All fears from Milan to Turin to Bologna, passing through Rome. This is why in the Campania capital the need to propose attractive 5S candidates has made the intention to propose the name of the new leader as leaders flash. For the former premier it would be a way to test the consensus and warm up the muscles in view of the Policies

09 August 2021 3 minutes read

ROME – It won’t be easy for the new Movement led by Giuseppe Conte address the elections administrative offices in October. Because only a few days ago there has been a political leader who can sign for the presentation of the lists. But above all because once all the bureaucratic work behind the candidacies was done by the Rousseau association of Davide Casaleggio .

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