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Transcript for Low-cost gift ideas for the holiday season

Welcome back the countdown is on we’re just eighteen shopping days away from Christmas and if you’re looking for stocking stoppers. For the person who seems to have everything. Our gives whiz Dick DeBartolo is here with some unique holiday gift ideas deck I hear you’ve got some reports that wall live our lives and keep us warm. Absolutely. The LE ED Dini take a look at this guy. Nice and chilly out I got my big neon but it’s an Alley gained beating not gonna shine brightly in your eyes it has three settings. Low medium high the neat thing is when the battery runs around its rechargeable. Just take that hat. Popped the little LE DL. And plug it into your computer and challenge it. That’s pretty neat isn’t it that is great and again gotta keep you warm what else you got. Actually OK so instead of wearing a dole mask. You can print your own mass at home his to keep that can do it. So you take your cameras filmed anything yourself. Fabric any photo you have on your phone you can send it heel print. And in the kit peerage principal. Fabric that goes senior inkjet printer you cut it out no ironing but no shelling. But you need an iron it is ion on adhesive you can size it to amend or kid or a woman. It’s really need and the kid has four. Masks in it and it’s eighteen dollar Sosa ballot. Oh were like 450 amassed an ear of the mask that’s not a bag gift at all. What’s up another. What’s up Terry this is my favorite gift of maybe all time it is called present tense.

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