Love is in the Meadow: The childhood dream of an emblematic candidate of the show resuscitated despite an incurable disease …

Mathieu is one of the emblematic candidates of the last season of Love is in the meadow. The 44 year old farmer participated in the show broadcast on M6 with the aim of finding love. A quest completed since he met Alexandre, aged 25 years. And since this love at first sight, the couple lives on a cloud.

They recently made their love a reality! Saturday 26 June, the two men are said “yes”, at the town hall of Sernhac in the Gard. Karine Le Marchand, flagship host of the program, was present at the ceremony and even played a major role.

The couple recently confided in our colleagues from Femme Actuelle. The opportunity for Mathieu to make revelations about his health.

“I signed up (to Love is in the meadow) when I learned that I had an incurable disease, Cadasil’s disease. In fact it is the gene 15 that messes. For 1/3 of people this are big strokes and for the other two thirds it’s a degeneration with micro stroke “, he confided. “The end will not be pleasant, what. I announced it to my boyfriend at the time who did not manage it at all well” .

A rare genetic pathology from which his father is also affected. Besides, the latter is in bad shape …

And it is because of this disease that the candidate of the 15 th season of ADP had given up on having a child. Yes but that was before her husband gave her reasons not to let go of this dream … “He said something to me that shook me. He said: ‘You know Mathieu, me, all the people who are important to me are my grandmother and the women in my family who are already at an advanced age. In 20 / 30 years old, I would have no one and I need to have a child of you ” .

The bull breeder and her husband will be able to embark on the procedures for a surrogacy (Surrogacy).

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