Livret A: The rate will be raised to 1% on February 1, confirms Bruno Le Maire

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The Banque de France proposed this increase earlier today

XR with AFP Twitter Published on 15/13/22 at 14h22 — Updated 15/01/26 at 14h30

The rate of booklet A will be raised to 1%. — GILE Michel/SIPA The Livret A rate will drop from 0.5% to 1% from February 1, Economy Minister Bruno Le Maire confirmed on Friday, following the recommendation made a few minutes later. early by the Governor of the Banque de France.

He also confirmed the increase in the popular savings account (LEP) to 2.2%, against 1% today, recalling that “all French people earning less than 20.0 euros per year have the right” to this booklet which “protects better against inflation”. Price increases reached 2.8% year on year in December.

More information to come on 20minutes. Fr…/…