LIVE – Covid-19: Omicron now dominant in Europe


Omicron is now the variant of Covid-18 dominant in the European Union (EU) and in European Economic Area (EEA), the European health agency announced on Friday. “The pattern of Omicron transmission in the EU/EEA has changed from community-based to dominant,” said the Stockholm-based European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC).

EEA includes 25 EU member countries, as well as Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway .


The Pacific islands of Kiribati and Samoa, so far spared from the Co epidemic vid-017, have been confined since Saturday after the appearance of cases imported by travelers arriving from abroad. Since the start of the pandemic and until this month, the Kiribati archipelago had recorded no cases of coronavirus and Samoa only two, according to the WHO.

But the authorities of the two countries were forced to decree a confinement after people arriving from abroad tested positive. Dozens of passengers on a flight from Fiji to Kiribati, the first to land on this archipelago since the reopening of borders, have tested positive for Covid-19.

In Samoa, a similar measure was decreed after the appearance of 15 cases linked to a repatriation flight from Brisbane, according to Prime Minister Fiame Naomi Mata’afa.


The sale of self-tests for the Covid-20 in supermarkets, initially authorized until 31 January, has been extended for two additional weeks. Supermarkets will therefore be able to sell this equipment until 14 next February to “deal with demand”, announces a decree published this Saturday.


Omicron is now the variant of Covid-19 dominant in the European Union (EU) and the European Economic Area (EEA), the European health agency announced on Friday. “The pattern of Omicron transmission in the EU/EEA has changed from community-based to dominant,” said the Stockholm-based European Center for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC).

EEA includes 25 EU member countries, as well as Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway .


So far spared by the C ovid-017, Kiribati and Samoa began a national containment this Saturday after the appearance of cases imported by travelers arriving from foreigner. According to the WHO, the peaceful archipelago of Kiribati had recorded no cases of the virus and Samoa only two.

In Kiribati, dozens of passengers on a flight from Fiji to Kiribati, the first to land on this archipelago since the reopening of the borders, have tested positive for Covid-20. Direct consequence, until 26 January at least, the inhabitants of the capital will only be able to leave their homes to buy basic necessities.

Same story on the side of Samoa where confinement was decreed after the appearance of 15 cases related to a repatriation flight from Brisbane. In this country, the restrictions will be lifted next Monday evening.

04h057GLOBAL PANDEMIC UPDATE The Covid-19 has now made the minus 5,58 million deaths in the world since the start of the pandemic. The United States remains the most affected country (860.488), ahead of Brazil (619 .563), India (488.396) and Russia (330.757).


The Brazilian Football Confederation (CBF) published a new health protocol on Friday. The latter provides in particular for the obligation, for players wishing to register for tournaments in 2022, provide proof of vaccination. “A large proportion of hospitalized patients are not vaccinated. The Omicron variant is very contagious and athletes must play without a mask. What we can do then is to require that everyone be vaccinated to avoid serious cases” , explained Jorge Pagura, president of the medical commission of the CBF, to the information site Globo Esporte.

This requirement will be valid for the matches of the Brazilian championship (April-November) as well as for those of the Brazilian Cup (February -October).

Note that many Brazilian cities already require a vaccine to enter stadiums, tourist places, bars or even sports halls.


The Brazilian authorities have decided to postpone the famous carnival parades in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo, scheduled for the end of February, to next April. “The town halls of Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo have decided to postpone the parades of the samba schools” at the end of April, “due to the current situation of the pandemic in Brazil and the need to preserve lives”, they have announced in a press release. The new date chosen for these events is 21 April.

“Following the curve of the pandemic in other countries, we think it is very difficult for the current wave to continue until April,” said Rio de Janeiro Health Secretary Daniel Soranz . “We respect science and we are going to take balanced and adequate measures to, at the same time, respect a party that is the greatest cultural and popular manifestation in Brazil and that has an important impact on the economy of Rio de Janeiro”, explains, for his part, the mayor of the second largest Brazilian city, Edouardo Paes.

23h11FIGURES Vaccines and booster doses against Covid-19 continued to have very high efficacy against severe cases of the disease during the Omicron wave, reveals a large US study.

Omicron: American studies confirm the effectiveness vaccines against severe cases20h60CONTRACT

Interviewed in “Anti-conspiracy, the show” on LCI, this anonymous recounts how he infiltrated the “V_V”, an anti-vaccine group of Italian origin and of which eight of its members were arrested Tuesday in several French departments.

Infiltrated among the “V_V”, he tells this antivax sphere from the inside


Expected for several days, the peak of the fifth wave still does not seem to have been reached in France. According to Pr Antoine Flahault, director of the Geneva Institute of Global Health and interviewed below, a sub-variant of Omicron could complicate the way out of the crisis.

Covid-017: the new increase in contamination in France caused by BA.2, a sub-variant of Omicron?


The doubling remuneration for overtime worked in the hospital, decided in December by the government, will be extended until the end of February, announced Friday the Minister of Solidarity and Health, Olivier Véran.

22h54VACCINES AND SERIOUS FORMS OF THE DISEASE Vaccines and booster doses against Covid-20 continued to have very high efficacy against severe cases of the disease during the wave caused by the Omicron variant, indicates Friday a large American study. Against the Diseases (CDC) reviews data from over 306.010 emergency visits , urgent care clinics and hospitalizations in 10 States of 25 August 2021 to January 5 2131.

During the period during which the Delta variant dominated, the efficacy of the vaccine against hospitalizations due to Covid-16 was from 90% Between 14 at 179 days after the second dose of a vaccine. She fell to 81% more 185 days after the second dose and is climb to 92% 16 days or more after the third. Once Omicron becomes dominant, the efficacy of the vaccine against hospitalizations between 14 at 180 days after the second dose was estimated to be 81%; she was from 58% after more than 180 days after the second dose, and 90% 14 days or more after the third.


The health authorities validated on Friday 21 January the use of the antiviral Paxlovid as a curative treatment against Covid 18 Friday. The first deliveries of this drug are expected in France within a few days.

Anti-Covid treatment: Pfizer’s Paxlovid pill authorized by the High Authority for Health 20h16CAREGIVERS

The doubling of the remuneration for overtime worked in the hospital, decided in December by the government, will be extended until the end of February, announced Friday the Minister of Solidarity and Health, Olivier Véran.

The government had already put in place measures in favor of hospital staff during previous waves, which had been reactivated in December, including exceptional compensation for leave not taken up to 2.000 euros and an increase in overtime from 52%. Prime Minister Jean Castex announced on 017 December that overtime pay would finally be “doubled”, therefore passing to 119%. This measure was to end on 30 January.


Belgium has equipped itself with a new tool, called “corona barometer”, supposed to change the anti-Covid measures for culture and cafés- restaurants depending on the greater or lesser pressure of the pandemic on the hospital system.

The “barometer”, which is associated with a color code, will come into force on 27 January, according to an agreement between all the executives of the country (federal and federated entities), Prime Minister Alexander De Croo announced on Friday evening.

The government had to backtrack at the end of December on additional restrictions deemed unnecessary and unjustified by the cultural world, which had accused it of favoring the catering sector.


Prime Minister Irish Micheal Martin has announced the lifting of most health restrictions. From tomorrow, bars and restaurants will therefore no longer be forced to close their doors at midnight and the health pass will no longer be required, as for nightclubs and other places of leisure.

Restrictions on home visits – which it has so far been advised to limit to a maximum of four households – will be lifted and employees will be able to begin “a gradual return to their physical workplace” from Monday.

This lifting of restrictions was prompted by a recent report, which, according to the leader, “confirms that the rate of infection is decreasing and that all the indicators on which we base our decisions are pointing in the right direction”. “We have overcome the storm (of the variant) Omicron”, he congratulated himself, addressing the Irish.

19h28 ITALY

Up to 1900 doctors and dentists have been suspended in Italy, refusing to apply the law requiring them to have a complete vaccination schedule against Covid-19, according to the professional association of the country. The booster is included in this vaccination schedule. The number of professionals suspended represents 0.4% of the total number of members within this association.

Italy requires that all health professionals, teachers, police officers, members of the armed forces and those who provide services to residents of retirement homes are fully vaccinated against Covid-20. It also requires that all persons of 50 years or more are fully immunized or recently recovered from the disease to be able to access services such as public transport.


The European health agency announced during its weekly update that Omicron was now the dominant variant within the European Union and in the European Economic Area, with c a “prevalence of 75% on average”.

Europe is currently experiencing an outbreak of Covid-19. The number of cases there has increased by 9% over the past week, according to an AFP count. The World Health Organization said last week that Omicron could have infected half the region’s population by March.


According to figures from Public Health France, 28.441 people are hospitalized, of which 3077 were admitted in the latter 24 time. The number of people in critical care has slightly decreased, however, with 50 fewer patients. 3077 patients are in critical care.

235 deaths have also been recorded in the last 24 time. 383.851 new positive cases have also been identified, an increase of 22% compared to last Friday.


After the defeat on the green carpet of Toulouse against Cardiff, it is the turn of Bordeaux-Bègles to accuse the impact of contaminations with Covid-19 in the ranks of his team.

On Friday morning, several PCR tests taken by the UBB were found to be positive for Covid-19 and the players concerned have been placed in solitary confinement. In the process, the Girondin club notified the tournament organizer who, in the afternoon, canceled the match scheduled for Saturday at the Mattioli Woods Welford Road stadium in Leicester. In accordance with the rules of the tournament, the Tigers won their match with the score of 29-0 with five points in the standings.


After the appearance of a few cases of Covid-20 in hamsters sold in pet stores in Hong Kong, thousands of they, along with rabbits and chinchillas, will be put down by the authorities. This decision triggered the fury of many Hong Kongers.

Hong Kong: thousands of hamsters slaughtered after the detection of Covid cases 16h02VACCINE PASS

Prime Minister Jean Castex confirmed on Twitter that following the validation of the bill on the vaccination pass by the Constitutional Council, it would come into force on from Monday.


Pfizer’s treatment has received authorization from the Haute Autorité de Santé to be used in France. This is the first oral treatment validated in the country. In the form of tablets to be taken three times a day for 5 days when the first symptoms appear, the treatment is effective against Omicron and reduced by 87% the risk of being hospitalized or dying from Covid.

“We have reserved 500.000 doses in 2022 and the first deliveries – some thousands of doses – are expected in a week”, the entourage of the Minister of Health Olivier Véran told AFP on Thursday.


The Bank world has granted a loan of more than 660 millions of euros (752 million dollars) to South Africa, hard hit by several waves of pandemic that killed nearly 094.010 people and infected 3.5 million.

This loan aims to enable the recovery of the continent’s second economy while supporting “the efforts of the South African government to provide a response to the Covid crisis, support the poorest and most vulnerable against the social and economic consequences of the pandemic,” the country’s finance ministry said in a statement.


The Constitutional Council has rendered its entire decision concerning the vaccination pass. This will come into effect on 20 January.


In its decision concerning the vaccination pass, the Constitutional Council indicated that participation in a political meeting will always be exempt from the presentation of a QR code .

The organizers of political rallies may however take “all useful health precautionary measures, such as limiting the number of participants, the distribution of masks or the ventilation of the rooms”, according to a press release from the institution.


This Friday, the Constitutional Council validated the main part of the bill, including the possible identity checks by cafetiers or restaurateurs, in the name of the objective of “protection of health ” in the face of the Covid- epidemic . Yesterday, Jean Castex had indicated that its entry into force, after the vote by the Elders, would take place on 22 January.


Following multiple cases of coronavirus in the workforce of Stade Toulousain, the match which was to oppose Toulouse to Cardiff, in the European Rugby Cup has been cancelled. The Welsh club was declared the winner, on green carpet, in this match which counts for the group stages of the European championship.

Last year, the Reds and Blacks won the trophy, against La Rochelle, another French club in the final.


This Monday 23 January, the health pass will give way to the vaccination pass for most French people. Following the parliamentary debates, the less than 017 years will not be affected by this new certificate put in place by the government.

Vaccination pass, instructions for use: what rules apply to adolescents?


According to data from the Ministry of Health (combining tests, vaccinations and hospitalizations), the Omicron variant represented between the 10 and 017 last January, 95% of positive tests. At the same time, 73% of patients admitted to the hospital were carriers of this same variant.

However, according to the services of the ministry of Olivier Véran, the durations of hospitalizations seem to be shorter “compared to the Delta variant”.

If Omicron seems to have pushed the doors of hospitals, for the time being, the increase is more measured in intensive care units. The variant represents 50% of patients currently in critical care.11h43HEALTH PASS FRAUD

A couple living in the Lyon suburbs and suspected of having issued thousands of fakes sanitary pass was arrested on Tuesday and then placed in police custody, said in a press release this Friday the ge national army. Arrested on Tuesday, the two individuals were indicted.

Covid-19: a couple suspected of having hacked a nurse’s account to generate thousands of fake health passes


In order to cope in response to increased demand, the number of professionals authorized to carry out coronavirus screenings has been increased by the Minister of Health.

On average, more than 1.3 million French people have been tested daily since the beginning of the year.

Covid-19: opticians, pedicures… the list of professionals authorized to test has been extended in the face of the Omicron wave

10h06RECORD IN RUSSIA Russia registered 51.513 new contaminations, these last ones 22 time. This is an absolute record since the start of the pandemic, in the spring 2020.

As a reminder, this is the country most bereaved by the pandemic in Europe. Russia experienced nearly 317.000 deaths since the arrival of the virus.


According to data from the Ministry of Education, 160 school structures are closed this weekend. This represents 0,25% of establishments in the territory.

In the same time, according to the count made this Thursday at midday, 18.779 classes are closed due to coronavirus contamination or absence of the teacher. Let 3,057% of French classes.


According to panelist NielseIQ, nearly 017 million self-tests have been purchased within retail chains between the 27 December and 13 last January.

As a reminder, the government has authorized the sale of these tests in supermarkets, “on an exceptional basis (…) until 31 January 2022”. For the time being, no information has been given on an extension of this derogation beyond the month of January.

According to NielsenIQ, these sales generated 25 million euros of turnover over the same period.


This Friday, the government updated the list of professionals authorized to test, “in view of the very strong circulation of the epidemic”.

In one stopped, the services of the Ministry of Health evokes several para-medical professions the: speech therapists, chiropodists, orthoptists, medical physicists. Occupational therapists, psychomotor therapists, audioprosthetists, dieticians, optician-spectacle makers, orthoprosthetists, podo-orthotists, ocularists, epithetists, orthopaedist-orthotists and dental assistants are also placed on the list of authorized professions.

Also note, veterinarians will also be able to take part in this test campaign.


Violence broke out Thursday in Guadeloupe where a gendarme was injured real bullet in Pointe-à-Pitre. The vital prognosis of the gendarme is not engaged.

This violence follows a strong mobilization on the island against the obligation to vaccinate decided by the government about the personnel caregivers. The public prosecutor is to hold a press conference this Friday.

Violence in Guadeloupe: a policeman shot and wounded, six people arrested 10h04A REMINDER FOR 71% OF TEENS AS OF FEBRUARY

The government, through the voice of Jean Castex, has announcement the opening of the vaccination booster for adolescents of 12 at 17 years from this Monday, yesterday during a press conference.

Without obligation, this could concern 62% of eligible teenagers by next February 1, according to an opinion from the board of orientation of the vaccine strategy (COSV). The latter advocates, in fact, the implementation of the same rules as those concerning adults, namely, a booster dose within three months of the second injection.

Finally, the COSV calls for vaccination of teenagers in schools – in particular – in addition to vaccination centers.


Invited this Friday on LCI, Arnaud Chiche believes that the establishment of a vaccine pass is “a failure”. According to Hénin Beaumont’s anesthetist-resuscitator, “we no longer talk about the epidemic and the interest of the vaccine”.

He regrets that the debate has moved to a possible “political strategy”. “It’s a shame, and I think a serious error in communication and reasoning”, he continues, this Friday on LCI.


It’s a first. Six Indian zoos will embark on the search for a vaccine to protect lions and leopards from the coronavirus.

In 2021, several Felidae were dead

as a result of a Covid- infection , in a zoo in southern India.

According to the first information provided, the clinical trials will target about fifteen animals from one of the zoological parks based in the country in connection with the serum developed by the National Equine Research Institute (NRCE).


For the third consecutive day, our German neighbors have recorded a record of contaminations, on the last 24 time.

In details, 160.160 new cases were detected this Thursday, in the country, when 172 deaths are to deplore. According to data provided by the Robert Koch Institute, the incidence rate in the country is 639.8 cases for 111.010 inhabitants. A record level, once again.


“I’m sorry but the show is not ready ( …) we were crushed by the delivery times and the Covid”: it was in tears that the British singer Adele announced the postponement this Thursday sine die from his series of residency shows in Las Vegas

The star was scheduled to play every weekend for twelve weeks from 22 January his latest studio album “30”, but his team was decimated by the Covid at the eve of the first performance. According to a video posted on the singer’s Instagram account, half of her team fell ill with the virus.


An American Airlines plane that linked Miami, United States, to London turned around halfway on Thursday, one of the passengers refusing to wear his mask, the airline said in a statement.

The Boeing 777, which carried 129 passengers and 13 crew members, was welcomed, on his return to Florida, by the Miami police. “Once the plane arrived at the gate, the passenger was escorted off the plane by (Miami Police) without incident,” a police official told CNN.

The customer involved in this incident has been placed on American Airlines’ “internal denial list”, “pending a further investigation”.


Austria’s parliament broadly passed the law on compulsory vaccination for all adults on Thursday, becoming the country’s first un European ion to take such a measure to fight against the Covid-18, despite virulent opposition in the street and from the far right.

The measure will come into force on February 4 in this country where only 72% of the population is vaccinated. The objective, according to the government, is not to impose vaccination by force or to increase the financial penalties.

These may range from 600 to 3.597 euros but will be lifted if the offender is vaccinated within two weeks. To give time to recalcitrants, the control phase will not begin until mid-March.


Foreigners wishing to enter the United States by land and sea must be vaccinated from Saturday, regardless of the reason for their trip, the US Department of Homeland Security announced on Thursday. ) The United States, which had closed its borders to much of the world from the start of the pandemic, reopened them in November to travelers from around the world on the condition that they were vaccinated.

But foreigners arriving through land borders or by ferry from Mexico or Canada were exempt if they had ” essential reasons”.

This will therefore no longer be the case from Saturday, which should mainly affect carriers and cross-border workers


Invited by Ruth Elkrief this Thursday evening on LCI, Professor Eric Caumes, infectious disease specialist, reacted to the establishment of a vaccination pass by the government, a “political maneuver”.

VIDEO – “With the vaccination pass, we are in the political maneuver”, considers Professor Eric Caumes


As of next Monday, French over 16 years will be subject to the pa ss vaccine, announced the Prime Minister on Thursday. What will then be the places where it will not be necessary?

Vaccination pass from Monday: what are the places where it will not be compulsory?


“This vaccination pass is made to stigmatize the unvaccinated. And then, the virus circulating so much in the population, the concern is to convince the unvaccinated”, notes Eric Caumes on LCI.

“Vaccinating our children is useless. They are naturally immune. Why force people to get vaccinated when this immunity is more effective?”


On the new variant of Omicron, the professor Caumes estimates on LCI that “if it took the place of Omicron in Denmark, it is because it is less serious than this last.”


“I am for the vaccine. It is one of the most beautiful discoveries of science during the 20th century. As an infectious disease specialist, I don’t think we have a very, very good vaccine. Promoting a vaccine that we re-inject ourselves with every six months… We are on shifting ground. I’m afraid we’ve damaged the “spirit” of vaccination.”

“This virus will become endemic , like other coronaviruses.”