Ligue 1: “The Girondins de Bordeaux could not survive” in the event of a descent into Ligue 2, announces the club

Bordeaux residents are 17 are in Ligue 1, with a small point ahead of the first relegation player.

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This is an equivocal announcement to say the least. Thomas Jacquemier, deputy general manager of the Girondins de Bordeaux, announced on Friday 14 January that the club “could not survive a descent into Ligue 2”. Very badly embarked sportingly and in the grip of major financial difficulties, the people of Bordeaux are on the edge of the abyss.

“We are not going to hide. Today, for the Girondins, there is no model, there There is no life in Ligue 2. The income that we derive from TV rights in Ligue 2 does not allow the club to survive there”

Thomas Jacquemier, Deputy Managing Director of the Girondins de Bordeaux


“For once, we can’t not consider it like certain clubs which make the elevator, which are more adapted to that. For us it is not possible any more. It is not a project to say ‘we will delay, we will come back later'”, added the Bordeaux leader.

The director Director General Delegate took the opportunity to take stock of the finances of the Bordeaux club, taken over in July by businessman Gerard Lopez.

In recent days, the Girondins have caused a lot of ‘ink. Between the household linked to Covid-19, the desire to get rid of Captain Laurent Koscielny by the end of January and the loss of invincibility at home against Marseille, Bordeaux is in turmoil.

“What is important for the DNCG (National Management Control Department) is that we have the necessary cash requirements to cover our entire season regardless of the sporting hazards”, explained the manager. The latter expects a reduction in the operating deficit of more than 40% compared to last season, thanks to an accounts consolidation strategy.

“This requires cost-saving measures, an increase in revenue and a reduction in the wage bill , a- he specified. Today, we are on average at 1 million euros per player. be corrected, in particular on the payroll of our young players who are on much lower trends (-45%) than in the past. Historically, the club was above.”

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