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LG Tone Free 2022: main features

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LG is expanding its range of audio products with the introduction of two new headsets: the top-of-the-range model called TONE Free T90 and the TONE Free fit TF8 sports headset. Both new models are made in collaboration with the well-known Meridian company.

LG TONE Free T90

The TONE Free T90s represent an evolution of last year’s model, adding several new features including a new internal structure with wider drivers for deeper and more satisfying bass reproduction. Furthermore, the use of graphene reduces vibrations and at the same time improves the audio quality. In addition, Meridian’s Perfect Balance technology allows for consistent tonal balance at any volume level. The T90s also improve the on-call experience thanks to the Voice Pickup Unit (VPU), a bone conduction sensor that detects the voice directly from the vibrations of the jaw, in order to minimize ambient noises while speaking to make communication clearer. with the interlocutor.

The TONE Free T90 are the first in the world to support Dolby Head Tracking on all content and devices: it is a technology able to calibrate the sound based on the movements of the head, making the user feel at the center of the scene with a whole new degree of audio immersion, whether when playing music, movies or TV series, or playing video games.

In addition, the T90s support Snapdragon Sound 1, a solution that allows you to offer quality that was previously only available on wired headphones. With 24-bit / 96kHz audio resolution, Snapdragon Sound certified LG earphones promise excellent connectivity, very clear voice quality and low latency values, making them ideal not only for listening, but also for to make phone calls or while playing.

The top of the range also boasts an improvement in Active Noise Cancellation (ANC). Finally, the new models are smaller and lighter than the previous ones, so they can be worn for longer periods, minimizing discomfort in the ears.

LG TONE Free fit TF8

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We continue with the LG TONE Free fit TF8, a new model specifically designed for sportsmen. LG has designed these headphones with the dual purpose of making them comfortable to wear while maintaining stability in the ears during physical activity, whether it is a run or a workout session in the gym. This is why he created the design with Swivel Grip technology: by turning the earphone slightly, a special fin slips into the fold of the ear ensuring maximum stability and wearing comfort. In addition, the Swivel Grip design also has slits to promote air circulation in the ear, avoiding excessive sweating during intense workouts.

The TF8 TONE Free fit also boasts active suppression of ambient noise and IP67 certification, with resistance to rain, splashes, sweat and dust.

Charging case with UVnano

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Always attentive to the hygiene and safety of its wearable devices, LG has equipped both the T90 and TF8 with the charging case with UVnano, which uses ultraviolet light to sanitize the earphones. New for 2022, UVnano technology is able to sanitize the entire surface of the ear cushions, as well as the internal mesh closest to the ear canal. The new models also adopt hypoallergenic ear tips in order to reduce the risk of skin irritation. Another feature common to the two models is the Plug & Wireless mode, which allows the charging case to be used as a Bluetooth transmitter. With the included USB-C to AUX cable, you can connect the case to your radio, treadmill and other products to enjoy wireless freedom and best sound quality at the same time.


For a seamless listening experience, the new LG TONE Free 2022 models are equipped with long-lasting batteries. The T90s offer up to 9 hours of use on a single charge, plus up to 20 more with the case, for a total of 29 hours of full listening. The TF8s have an autonomy of up to 10 hours, with another 20 from the charging case. Finally, thanks to a new fast charging function, the earphones can reach a full charge after only one hour inside the UVnano case.

LG’s 2022 collection of true wireless TONE Free headphones will be available from the end of August. Prices have not yet been disclosed.

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