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“Let’s improve citizenship income, our door is open to the Democratic Party”

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Senator Iunio Valerio Romano of the 5 Star Movement, together with his colleagues, left the Chamber and did not vote on the Dl Aiuti last July 20, when the government crisis precipitated, decreeing the end of Mario Draghi’s government and opening the street of elections.

Senator, did you “kill” you Dragons?
“The 5 Star Movement, with a responsible, clear, transparent and institutionally correct attitude, requested a concrete change of pace by the Draghi government, both in terms of substance and method and expected an equally responsible attitude and loyal collaboration on the nine proposals enucleated by President Conte on the subject of social justice and environmental protection. I think Draghi has shown a lack of political sensitivity, adopting a contemptuous, at times arrogant conduct, which has mortified not only the 5 Star Movement but all the Italians who are struggling with everyday problems, linked to a pandemic that has not yet been completely overcome and to the economic crisis triggered by the Russian-Ukrainian conflict. The impression is that Draghi wanted to get out of all responsibility, staging a crisis that does not exist “.

In fact, you were willing to give your external support until the end. When you realized that there was a big risk, was there anyone among you who tried to mend the trust as Letta asked?
“We of the 5 Star Movement are not passionate about palace games or armchairs but only the good of citizens. Our position has been consistent up to the end. The crisis was triggered and wanted by others and to give the Italians back the word, in these conditions, it is the right thing in a healthy democracy. I repeat, President Draghi has shown a limited political vision both in his initial speech, very rhetorical and smoky, and in the replies, even more opinionated and almost artfully designed to seal the tear. The Government had long since retreated into itself and bogged down in its action. Our demands were not an end in itself slogan. Politics cannot renounce a healthy parliamentary dialectic, abdicating its functions, as in fact it was happening in recent times”.

Now what election campaign is up to? Are there any possibilities to convince Letta to resume the alliance or are you done with the Democratic Party?
“It will not be easy for anyone, considering the tight deadlines and the summer period. We must avoid abstention being the master. It would be a defeat for everyone. We need to explain well the reasons that have led us so far and the teaching that Movimento 5 Stelle has drawn from it, to improve its future action. As for the rest, we are not due to alliances or apparently convenient. Our positioning is clear, as is our way of understanding politics. It is the others who must clarify from what part to be and if they want to pursue, in deeds and not in words, a true social reform, starting from the minimum wage, now no longer postponable but so hindered in its parliamentary path precisely by those who should have supported it with greater conviction “.

The “other” honorable ones seem to have a clear position. Yours is not clear. Would you stay with the Democratic Party?
“It is not us who close the doors, it is the others who must clarify whether or not they are sharing our social and environmental agenda”.

Did you fully share the position of the M5s senators on Dl Aiuti or did you have a different idea on how to behave?
“The position taken by the 5 Star Movement with regard to the Aid decree was the result of a deeply felt and participated internal dialogue and confrontation. The political dullness of those who wanted to close every door to our proposals, in the name of a not better deciphered responsibility, he has left us no other path, for credibility and a sense of real responsibility towards the country “.

Where are we with the question of the second term? Can we say that a solid principle remains and that M5s will not re-nominate big names like Taverna and Toninelli?
“The second mandate is a founding principle for the 5 Star Movement, although the experience and professionalism acquired are never lost, even more so in an exceptional and delicate moment like the one currently experiencing national politics. I am sure that the pentastellate community will find a solution once again shared, coherent and in line with social utility and never with that of the individual “.

So the second term is not up for discussion.
“It is a cardinal principle, a golden rule. We will see how to avoid wasting the wealth of skills acquired in recent years by many valid colleagues”.

You are vice president of the parliamentary commission of inquiry into working conditions in Italy, exploitation and safety in public and private workplaces. How does the fall of the government affect your work?
“The Commission had concluded its study and investigation work, drawing up a final report and also producing a text of law to be incardinated in the committee of merit, namely the Labor. Unfortunately, it will not be possible to reach the final approval of the same, but an important political outline will remain, which can be resumed in the next legislature. The same can be said for the project of a National Labor Prosecutor, in the awareness that important measures have been approved also thanks to the contribution provided by the Single Chamber of Inquiry, especially on the subject safety in the workplace “.

At work, what should be the most important point of the M5s electoral campaign?
“Together with my colleague Nunzia Catalfo, former Minister of Labor and coordinator of the Committee for Labor Policies, and the other members of the same committee, we are working on a program, which obviously will see among its main points the fight against precariousness and wages. minimum, in addition to the improvement of citizenship income, so that it is an opportunity for productive growth also for companies and, consequently, for the country “.

How to improve it?
“In general, citizenship income should not be perceived as a subsidy for its own sake, but as a driver for employment growth. Specifically, an update of the parameters for large families and people with disabilities could be useful. , as well as the introduction of access conditions for non-EU citizens “.

Will Alessandro Di Battista return to the M5s?
“Alessandro is a valid person and moved by an authentic feeling of social justice. Joining the forces of those who are selflessly animated by the desire to work for social equity and collective well-being, in the name of a new humanism, is an essential step. to win the battle. For the rest, the choice to return to the side of the 5-Star MoVement, once again descending into the arena which is not devoid of pitfalls and difficult to sustain, is up to him alone “.