“Les 12 coups de midi”: Bruno officially overtakes Christian Quesada and reacts to this new record!

Saturday August 7 2021, Bruno saw the precipice very closely! The champion of the 12 midday strokes who could so far overtake Christian Quesada in number of victories almost got his feet in the carpet and said goodbye to the second step of the podium which held out its hands to him. Indeed, during the test of the fatal blow, facing a recovered opponent, Bruno was particularly borrowed and hesitant. So much so that the candidate’s stopwatch barely displayed 5 seconds, which would have left Jean-Luc Reichmann little time to ask him a question which could have been the last. But the lucky star of the young thirty-something has still watched over him. The midday master finally pocketed another victory, the 193 e. This number is anything but trivial since it allows him to officially overtake the second greatest champion of the show who is none other than Christian Quesada.

The production of 12 midday blows ignores Bruno’s new record

Quite astonishing fact , after Bruno’s 193 th victory, no one made any reference to the fact that the youngster had stolen second place from Christian Quesada, sentenced for possession of child pornography images. It must be said that Jean-Luc Reichmann and the production would like to be thrown into oblivion the one who has long been the greatest champion of the show.

“There is never is a reference, “Bruno also insisted to our colleagues from Télé Loisirs. ” And since Eric is a few more shows, in the Midday Masters ranking, exceeding him is more of a goal today. That’s mostly what we’re talking about. “, adds the young man. ” It was after the show that I realized that I was officially second in the ranking. When Eric had passed him, of course, it had been mentioned because he was becoming number 1. There, it is done without myself realizing it. It is a step “, then added Bruno, closer than ever to become the greatest of midday masters.

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