Lemon in a hurry: covid test in 3 minutes, iPhone security and a cube on the Moon

Contents of Citron pressé: a French startup has developed a new type of covid test that is more reliable than antigenic tests with results in three minutes, the settings to be changed urgently on iPhone to lock your security, a strange cube discovered by a Chinese probe on the surface of the Moon, and finally, the strange case of this French film much more popular abroad.

This French technology could advantageously replace PCR tests

The French startup GreenTropism is preparing for a big lift of funds to market a new type of test to screen for the coronavirus. The solution developed by the company is based on both artificial intelligence and spectral analysis, which simplifies and accelerates the analysis of samples. The technique would be practically as reliable as the PCR tests , but unlike the latter, it would be possible to obtain results in three minutes only.

Emergency change these settings on iPhone to better protect yourself against scams

As the end of the year holidays approach, online scams are on the increase. The opportunity to strengthen the security of your iPhone with advice from security experts. From using a password manager to Face ID / Touch ID, not going through Apple Pay or VPN tunnels, discover all the settings that can give the no more trouble possible for the pirates .

A Chinese probe discovers a mysterious cube on the surface of the Moon

The Yutu-2 probe is currently exploring the surface of the Moon and the CNSA the Chinese space agency never ceases to amaze us with its mission reports. At the turn of the story of a day at the control center, we learn how the scientists took a picture of a strange cube on the horizon, and the decision to modify the plans of the mission for the next months with the sole aim of approaching it .

This French film is a hit everywhere in the world on Netflix… except in France

Since Netflix reveals rankings of the most popular content on the platform, we sometimes come across a few surprises. As with the film Pourris Gâtés with Gérard Jugnot which became, with 26 million hours of viewing, the most viewed non-American production on the platform. And yet in France, this film was rather a flop, with only 400 000 theaters.

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