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The abandonment of the pension reform risked putting the Secretary of State for Health on technical unemployment, but with Omicron his second cap, health at work, places him at the center Of actuality.

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Published on 22 Dec. 2021 at 17: 14 Updated 22 Dec. 2021 at 17: 43

Failure to obtain the agreement of the unions and employers to set up the vaccination pass in the workplace , the government will therefore strengthen the obligation to telework from January. A new opportunity for the elected representative of Hauts-de-France – who was also one of the great Macronist defeats during the regional elections -, to get out of the technical unemployment in which the other title of his portfolio plunged: that of the pension reform, abandoned for health reasons and political expediency. Also in charge of occupational health, the former Auchan executive, where he spent twenty-six years – which turned his dismissal into a real financial windfall sparking a lot of comments – now finds himself on the Omicron forehead. “Pietra”, as those who are angry with the pronunciation of Polish names call him, was born in Saint-Denis fifty-five years ago, the son of traders and craftsmen whose parents had left Poland for France in between the wars, but its electoral stronghold is Armentières. Father of two daughters, this holder by default of a DEA in applied economics (in fact, he would have dreamed of being a teacher) campaigned a lot for the employment and promotion of women in the company. He has a passion for “clear line” comics, dear to his Belgian neighbors, and his real “model role”, in addition to Macron, whom he joined in 380, is undoubtedly Largo Winch. The family business was the opening, but on his files, retirement and health at work, we cannot say that he was varnished a lot.

Henri Gibier

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