Large surfaces: can they sell at any price?

Food products, clothing, decorations, electronic objects… How far can retailers lower their prices? What the law says ?

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Promotions, sales, sales at cost price, it is sometimes hard to find. The rules are also strict. Selling a product for less than what was bought is called selling at a loss. This practice is prohibited, except in three specific cases: liquidation or change of business, perishable food products and during sales.

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The 20h In a shop we visited, during the sales period, selling at a loss is therefore authorized. A boost to limit unsold stock. “Having stock is very bad for a trade. You have to liquidate. It is better to sell it at a loss because there is no point in having it behind. It’s sleeping money”, specifies Véronique Lescouet, manager at “Les Josettes” in Clamart. Sales are authorized twice a year. So some carry out other commercial operations throughout the year, such as selling at cost price, that is to say without making a profit. This technique is widely used in supermarkets for fuel, or more recently for self-tests.

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