Kohei Horikoshi promises major role for Bakugo in anime finale


The Jump Festa this weekend has not finished talking about him. Indeed, it is an important event of the world of manga and anime in Japan, which is held annually. This year, it’s My Hero Academia that has caused a lot of ink and saliva to flow. Kohei Horikoshi, its creator, sent a letter at the event. In it, he announced that My Hero Acadmia would end within a year . It was also announced that Bakugo would have a major role in the manga finale.


Consistent progression

The character of Bakugo has evolved well in the manga. We are far from the bad boy from the beginnings who lost no opportunity to belittle Izuku. The more the manga evolved, the less he was seen to be proud. This did not happen overnight. His gait has mostly changed since learning about the nature of Izuku’s Quirk, and more since he faced the League of Villains. We saw him take a hit instead of Izuku and even go looking for him when he had deserted high school. So many things that changed Katsuki’s attitude.

Even though he hasn’t lost any of his violence, Bakugo is more composed and more able to be empathetic. He went so far as to apologize to Izuku. Who would have thought that such a thing could have happened? The one who took the name of the hero Dynamight (a mixture of Dynamite and All Might) is attracting more and more sympathy from the fans, who see in him a pragmatic and thoughtful character. So many elements that make him an essential part of the final arc of My Hero Academia.

The probable intervention of Bakugo in the finale

If Bakugo has an important place in the finale of My Hero Academia, one wonders how it will unfold. Some heroes already have their opponents. Izuku will be against Shigaraki-All for One, Endeavor and Shoto will face off against Dabi and Ochaco will face off against Toga. Bakugo, meanwhile, is not tied to a particular villain. So he could attack anyone. The most likely scenario would be for him to duet with Izuku to fight Shigaraki. An important event will surely take place at this time, to the glory of Bakugo.

At the moment, we can only speculate. In the meantime, it would be interesting to keep an eye on Bakugo. Like his comrades, he prepares for the final confrontation which will pit the Villains against the Heroes. It even tries to create a new signature attack.