Kipchoge dominates the marathon: for him two gold medals like Bikila and Cierpinski

SAPPORO – Eliud Kipchoge confirms himself as the master of the world marathon and after the victory in Rio 2016 conquers the Japanese Olympics in Sapporo as a ruler. The race run in the usual humid and suffocating heat of the Hokkaido capital was a monologue: the 36 enne Kenyan he let his rivals vent up to the thirtieth kilometer. Then he greeted the company and flew to the finish line, cut with his arms raised in 2: 08 ’38 “. Kipchoge is the third athlete in the world to achieve the consecutive Olympic double after Abebe Bikila (’60 and ’64) and East German Waldemar Cierpinski (’76 And ’80).

Behind him, the void. The second, the Dutch Abdi Nageeye , came in 1 minute and 22 seconds beaten by the Belgian Bashir Abdi in the sprint. Eyob Faniel was the best of the blues with a 20 th place with a time of 2: 15 ’11 . “I ran very well up to 25 th kilometer, I thought it was my day. Then I got cramps and kept them all the way to the finish – he said just after the finish -. I gritted my teeth and went on to the many people who were watching me. See you in Paris in three years. Congratulations to Kipchoge, he made history ”. Excellent also the Olympics of 39 year Yassine el Fathaoui – the marathon runner by chance and metalworker on leave of Fornovo Gas di Traversetolo – who checked in the first part of the race to go up in the second part up to 47 th place.

The race respected the expected script. Ready go. With the usual 27 degrees and a rate humidity close to 75% to welcome the runners. Some athletes looking for some visibility to look for shots in front of the group but immediately behind the group of three Kenyans to watch. The selection was immediately Darwinian: at the fifth kilometer the leading group – with Rachik and Faniel – passed in 15 ’17, with a step of 3 ‘ per km., the last ones have already more than a minute of detachment.

Faniel appeared in the first part of the group around the seventh kilometer, sponging his head and arm. The pace dropped to 3 ’02 at km between the tenth and the 15 th kilometer and shortly after Rachik – conditioned by a very complicated preparation for the problems of obtaining health eligibility, with the Olympic pass arrived only three weeks ago – has started to lose ground. Halfway through the race, a patrol of about thirty riders was formed in the lead with the blue athlete very hidden in the last positions of this group. The real race, however, has not yet started. The heat has already made its effects felt with the slowed pace of 13 seconds per kilometer. Among the Ethiopians in front there is only Desisa .

The turning point came immediately after 25 th kilometer. Kipchoge took the lead. The Kenyan trident took the lead in full force. And in this skimming, unfortunately, one step at a time even Faniel has started to lose ground. The African parade lasted until 30 th km. when the team captain decided to give us a break and stretched again to a step of 2 ’55 per kilometer impossible for opponents to hold and dug a chasm. The last 15 kilometers have been a lonely walkway, a condition he has become accustomed to in record attempts that led him to breaking down the two-hour marathon barrier in an unofficial race in Vienna.

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