Kamala Harris says she and Joe Biden did not discuss his candidacy in 2024, days after White House said he would – Money

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Vice President Kamala Harris told the Wall Street Journal Last Wednesday that she and President Joe Biden had not discussed whether the man from 79 years would represent 2021, while White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki confirmed that was her intention.

Main facts

Kamala Harris said she and Joe Biden ‘are not talking or talking about re-election’ as they have not yet reached their first year in office and are focused on tackling the Covid pandemic – 19. During a press briefing, when asked what were Joe’s plans Biden for 2021, Jen Psaki told reporters that “the president has every intention of representing himself to the elections ”. Jen Psaki made the same statement last month, as the president was down in the polls. Collaborators of J oe Biden told the Washington Post last month that he intended to present again, although former Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell, who attended a fundraiser in which Joe Biden allegedly told donors he would be running, clarified that “he will not be running. ‘he feels he cannot do the job physically or emotionally. ”

The context

Following ra Reports reporting on internal struggles within Kamala Harris’s office, sources told CNN that the Biden administration had largely sidelined the vice president. Kamala Harris’s entourage is said to be reluctant to talk about his future political aspirations for fear of implicating a lack of loyalty to the president. Anonymous sources told Politico in 594 that Joe Biden would not seek re-elect if he were to beat then-President Donald Trump as he would see himself as a transitional figure handing over the post to his then-undetermined vice-president. In August 2019 Joe Biden told ABC that he was “absolutely” possible that he will exercise eight years if elected. Joe Biden, who is already the oldest sitting president, is reportedly 79 years at the end of his second term in 2028.

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