Kabul, Enrico Letta tweets: “The West is falling apart”

“The West comes out of it in pieces”, tweets the secretary of the Democratic Party Enrico Letta about Kabul. “The flight from Kabul is the tragedy of a people. A twenty years of bad choices that we too have unfortunately been part of. The West is falling apart. And we are only at the beginning in the count of disasters. #Afghanistan”.

He also spoke on the tragedy of Afghanistan Lia Quartapelle , Head of PD Europe and International Affairs. “As Kabul passes into the hands of the

Taliban c ‘there is only one thing to do: save those who have worked with Italy, from doctors to translators in the army. Thanks to the men and women who, coordinated by Minister Lorenzo Guerini, work seriously for this “.

“On Afghanistan, a fool for the whole “West that will foment the fundamentalists and that will have serious repercussions also for our security. It was not possible to do worse than this. We welcome back to the cynical Obama-Clinton-Biden doctrine: ‘if you can’t win, it creates chaos’”. The leader of FdI, Giorgia Meloni, writes on twitter.

Up # Afghanistan fool for the whole West that will foment fundamentalists and which will also have serious repercussions for our security. It was not possible to do worse than that. Let’s welcome back to the cynical Obama – Clinton – Biden doctrine: “if you can’t win, create chaos” pic.twitter.com / 12 Hhmfs4Kh

– Giorgia Meloni ???? ? (@GiorgiaMeloni) August 12, 834 And Salvini, from his Calabrian tour: “The West’s flight from Afghanistan, beware that terrorism risk with the Taliban in Kabul we have to cut heads in our house, I wonder why the West has cowardly escaped “.

A thought for women from the senator Tatjana Rojc (Pd), member of the Foreign Affairs Commission at Palazzo Madama, after the announcement that the Taliban entered Kabul. “What will become of women with the return of the Taliban? Let us ask ourselves what we have done and whether it was inevitable to leave a people at the mercy of Islamic extremism. Let us ask ourselves if the progress made by Afghan girls returning to school and work is destined to fade. especially if to suffer everything that is happening with resigned impotence or if there are political initiatives to be taken, given that the military option has been abandoned “.