Justin Bieber’s Christmas kiss and dance

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Transcript for Justin Bieber’s Christmas kiss and dance

Next we have a story after your heart, Dan. 5-year-old vonn hill from Brooklyn, New York raised $29,000 by live streaming his meditation session. He even has his own Instagram page. I’ll show you how to meditate. It’s something that my mom taught me. This was an initiative started by vonn which became a group effort as other parents were moved to help raise money, inspiring children to pledge their own minutes of meditation. Vonn quadrupled his meditation time to 24 minutes as a tribute to late Lakers’ star kobe Bryant who wore the Jersey number 24. Vonn’s parents say they’re so proud of him. I can see why. Finally, Stanley Tucci is at it again shaking things up with a recipe for a Christmas cosmo a spin on the vodka and cranberry drink that uses pomegranate juice. His math is a little fuzzy. Then we’ll add 25 milliliters which in ounces — Shaver sharing in the fun Emily Blunt. Tucci shared videos of himself making other drinks as well. He blessed “Gma” with the recipe for that. If you Google it, it will pop up. Oh, my gosh. Dan loves that meditating kid.

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