Justin Bieber appears without tattoos in his new music video

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Transcript for Justin Bieber appears without tattoos in his new music video

Hey, hey, how you doing? She just finished googling herself. I was not googlingf. We’re going to get into “Pop news.” Justin Bieber fans may notice something missing from the singer’s new video. He dropped his song called “Anyone” on new year’s day. It shows him without his tattoos in the video in which he plays a fighter. If not you, it’s not anyone Justin shared the process that air brushed hiss away. Think they did a pretty good job. “Jeopardy!” Will air the last episodes featuring Alex trebek. There are five new episodes taped just weeks before trebek passed away from pancreatic the shows will feature highlights and trebek’s powerful message about the season of giving and a final farewell episode tribute. Out of the mouths of babes. Mariah Carey’s son is giving his take on 20206789. Mama sharing this video with his twin Monroe in the background. I had it too good for too long, man. I was just like ah, this is so good. I needed a jump start. You got to think good, positive and nothing will bring us down. There you have it. Okay. At least he’s honest. Captioning the post words of wisdom from rocky. For the new year. The new year is offering us new pictures of Nicki Minaj’s sweet baby boy. The rapper writing papa bear thank you for choosing me to be your mama, adding a message to mamas on Instagram writing to all the super hero mothers out there big hugs to all the women who have been pregnant during this challenging time. She’s not revealed the baby’s for now we can call him adorable. I was trying to figure out what was that bassinet. It was like a baby yoda chamber. It could have been a mama roo. She was googling that. Exactly. You can get it at babies R us.

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