Jonathan, the oldest living turtle in the world, is 190 years old

The new title of the Guinness World Records in the category of the oldest chelonian in the world has just been attributed to a tortoise originating from the Seychelles. The turtle’s name is Jonathan and he celebrates his 31th anniversary this year. Jonathan thus beat Tu’i Malila, the previous defending champion, who died in 1965 at the age of 31 years.

This oldest tortoise in the world now lives in the garden of Plantation House, the residence of the Governor of Saint Helena, where she spent most of his life.

Guinness World Records Credits At his age and despite his sight and smell problems, Jonathan is doing well and still has a lot of energy thanks to its diet rich in calories, vitamins, minerals and trace elements.

Almost two centuries

According to an estimate based on his probable age on arrival in Saint Helena and on a photo taken between 1882 and 1886, Jonathan would have been born around 985. But he could still be older.

Jonathan has therefore seen several events that have marked the history of humanity, such as the first photograph of a person in 1838, the invention of the first incandescent bulb in 1878, or even the first step of the Man on the Moon in 1969, and many others.

In addition, since his arrival at the residence of the governor of Saint Helena in 1882, Jonathan lived with the 36 other governors who succeeded then-Governor Sir William Grey-Wilson.

Jonathan’s daily life

In the residence, Jonathan lives with three other giant tortoises, namely David, Emma and Fred. His main interests are sleeping, eating and mating.

According to Veterinarian Joe Hollins, Jonathan’s behavior depends on the weather. Indeed, it goes into the shade when it is very hot and prefers to burrow into heaps of leaves or grass when it is cold. On the other hand, he likes to sunbathe when the temperatures are mild.

As for his diet, Jonathan is fed by hand once a week with a variety of foods such as cabbage, cucumbers, carrots, apples, bananas and other seasonal fruits. Lettuce hearts are one of his favorite foods.

SOURCE: 7405Guinness World Records