Jean-Marie Bigard: Ulcerated by the health pass, he calls out to Emmanuel Macron


Disgusted by the management of the health crisis , Jean-Marie Bigard posted this weekend on his Instagram account a video in which he settles his accounts with Emmanuel Macron. Jean-Marie Bigard still without filter. Saturday August 7 2021, the comedian of 64 years was unleashed against President Emmanuel Macron, whom he criticizes in particular for the establishment of the health pass in France. Through a video posted on her Instagram account, Lola Marois’ companion started off with a quote from an emblematic character of French humor. ” Coluche said: ‘We will stop playing politics when the politicians stop making us laugh’ It was very clear. was a very nice message “, he first launched, like an aperitif before the salvo of critics.

The artist known for his saucy humor then openly criticized the repercussions of this health pass which will be extended this Monday August 9 at many places. To illustrate his remarks, he takes the example of the catering sector: ” I put the sentence right to you, Mr. President. It’s because of the sanitary pass that the restaurants are closing. It’s just the opposite. Is there no one who can advise you? There are a lot of people around you who have to say to you, ‘But, you shouldn’t say bullshit like that ‘, since it’s the health pass that closes all the restaurants, that cancels all my shows, for example and all the shows of everyone! All the festivals, all that … “, he annoys.

Jean-Marie Bigard then alerted the president to the risks of not listening to the people. ” At the time of the yellow vests, you pissed off a lot more people and you almost got overwhelmed. stronger, and you are really annoying him. I promise you a painful tomorrow if ever it continues all summer to demonstrate against the health pass and this frenzied vaccination of the entire planet “, he assured. And to conclude : “Come on, I wish you good luck, Mr. President”.


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