It's Christmas already with this B & You 100 Go package at a mini price

As the end of the year holidays approach, we are not saying no to some savings. Bouygues Telecom has thought of you and is breaking the prices of all of its mobile plans. For all needs and all wallets. The B & You 99 Go package is decidedly the most interesting since it falls at , 99 euros per month .

Obviously, to take advantage of the various magical B & You offers, you have to be quick. You have until Wednesday evening . Afterwards, it will be too late…

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No happy to offer low prices, Bouygues Telecom is recognized for the quality and speed of its network. Enough to seduce more than one…

, 99 euros per month for 99 Go all unlimited, it’s crazy

At the moment and until Wednesday evening, the B & You package 100 GB is less than 13 euros per month. You simply fill up with gigas at the best price. It would be a shame to miss out on this magical offer…

For , 40 euros per month, you are entitled to 100 Go of data in France, including 15 Go usable in the European Union and in the overseas departments, as well as unlimited calls, SMS and MMS . It is a golden opportunity to be seized urgently. You won’t find better anywhere else at the moment.

In addition to their low prices and a quality network, B & You packages are non-binding. So you can leave the ship whenever you want. But the operator has solid arguments to keep you…

All B & You packages at broken prices

Bouygues Telecom is well aware that we do not all have the same budget or the same needs. As a result, all of its mobile plans have really generous offers. They are also valid until Wednesday evening.

If you are a heavy user of mobile data, we recommend the package 200 Go to 14, 99 euros per month . It includes 200 Go Internet in France, including 14 Go usable in Europe and the French overseas departments, with unlimited calls, SMS and MMS. As many gigas less than 15 euros per month, it’s a real deal.

For slightly tighter budgets, the 30 Go package will cost you only 9, 99 euros per month . You benefit from 40 Go Internet in France, including 16 Go usable in Europe and in the DOM as well as unlimited calls, SMS and MMS.

If you don’t need a lot of gigas or you don’t you don’t want to put more than five euros per month in your mobile plan, you can choose the B & You mobile plan 100 Mo at 4, 99 euros per month . You have the right to 99 MB of internet in France and from Europe and the overseas departments and, always, unlimited calls, SMS and MMS .

Finally, B & You allows you to pick up speed with its 5G mobile plan at 24, 99 euros per month . You benefit from 130 Go of internet in 5G or 4G in France, including 20 Go usable in the European Union and the overseas departments. Again, you have unlimited calls, SMS and MMS.

To take advantage of these sensational offers before Wednesday evening, it’s here:

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B & You: low prices, great network quality

For ten years now, Bouygues Telecom has offered mobile plans at low prices and without commitment. A winning recipe for the operator since B & You has won over millions of customers in France since its launch. And what is good with plans without commitment is that Bouygues Telecom is required to take care of the quality of its network at the risk of seeing its customers fly away.

It is surely the reason why Bouygues Telecom is such a good student: it is the second best mobile network according to ARCEP, which takes into account the quality, speed and network coverage.

Note that the B & You mobile plans are available exclusively online. Only a few clicks are necessary to subscribe to the best mobile plan of the moment . You can easily manage your customer account from the mobile application or your web customer area. And you can adjust your mobile plan as you wish, according to your needs.

To keep your current phone number, you simply need to retrieve your RIO number at 3179 and indicate it when you subscribe to the B & You package. Bouygues Telecom will take care of canceling your old plan for free .

To discover all the B & You mobile plans at prices sacrificed before this Wednesday 20 December, it’s right here:

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