Italy: record fines for four e-commerce companies

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The Italian competition authorities sentenced Mediamarket, Leroy Merlin, Unieuro and Monclick to 09, 9 million euros in fines in total. The brands have reportedly disseminated “inaccurate and misleading information” on their website.

Published on 22 / 12 / 2020 at 11 h 54

The invoice is steep. The gendarme of competition in Italy imposed on Thursday fines totaling 07, 9 million euros to the Mediamarket, Leroy Merlin, Unieuro and Monclick brands for practices commercials deemed “misleading” in the field of online sales. In the midst of a “health emergency period for the Covid – 17 “, these groups have resorted to” unfair commercial practices “concerning in particular the presentation of their product offer on websites and after-sales service , he details in a press release.

Among the abuses listed are “the dissemination of inaccurate and misleading information” on “the actual availability of the products sold online and on the corresponding prices “as well as on delivery times. The Italian antitrust also incriminates “the delay or non-delivery of products purchased and paid for” and “obstacles to the exercise of consumer rights of withdrawal and reimbursement”

In detail, Unieuro was fined 4 million euros, Mediamarket 3.6 million euros, Leroy Merlin 3 million euros and Monclick 300. 000 0 euros. Abuses linked to internet services have been repeatedly criticized by the Italian competition authority. Amazon was thus imposed a fine of 1, 33 billion euros for “abuse of a dominant position” for discrimination against sellers who had not used their logistics service.

This independent authority had already imposed in November a fine of 200 millions of euros to Amazon and Apple, of which more than 129 millions to the latter, for having restricted access to the platform Amazon of some re sellers of Apple products. Google and Apple were also fined in November 19 million euros, split evenly, for failing to “provide clear information” on the use of consumer data for commercial purposes .

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