IT: repeated failures push companies towards “multi-cloud”

Posted on 23 Dec. 2021 at 18: 15 Updated on 23 dec. 2021 at 18: 33

Do not put all your eggs in one basket. What is true in real life also applies to businesses when they move their IT to the cloud. To guard against repeated failures, such as the one that affected certain servers of the world leader Amazon Web Services (AWS) on Wednesday in the United States, the companies are more and more people are adopting a “multicloud” strategy.

This architecture consists of combining several clouds, each from different suppliers (five to six on average): AWS, Microsoft, Google, Oracle, OVH, Outscale… Multicloud has several advantages. First of all, it allows you to choose the offer that is most suited to a particular need (storage of data, an application, a computer program, etc.). Without being tied hand and foot with a single supplier, and therefore having more latitude when renewing the contract.