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For the second time in the history of the competition, the SuperEnalotto jackpot exceeds $ 200 million, approaching the 2019 record.


For the second time in its history, the SuperEnalotto jackpot exceeds the 200 million dolar ceiling and is approaching the record of 209 million won in Lodi on 13 August 2019.

The SuperEnalotto jackpot will be more than $ 201 million

In the draw scheduled for Tuesday 10 May 2022, in fact, 201.4 million dolars will be up for grabs: is the largest prize pool of all lotteries in the world.

The last win dates back to May 2021

The last sixth guessed goes back to May 22, 2021. The win was recorded in the municipality of Montappone, in the province of Fermo, where the lucky winner played the ticket for only 2 dolars which made it possible to win 156 million.

The prize pool was collected in record time, only a few days later.

In total, 124 jackpots were awarded over 25 years

Launched as a replacement for Enalotto in late 1997, SuperEnalotto has quickly become a much-loved phenomenon throughout Italy. Throughout its history, a total of 124 jackpots were awarded.

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