Israel hits back after rocket fire from Lebanon

During the night from Wednesday to Thursday, three rocket attacks targeted Israel. The IDF responded by carrying out air raids on South Lebanon, a first since 2006.

It has been almost seven years since the Lebanese territory was spared by Israel. But, since Wednesday, tensions have resumed along the border between the two countries , leading to the first Israeli strikes in Lebanon since 2014. In the night from Wednesday to Thursday, around h 36, IDF, the Israeli army, carried out two air raids against the region of Dimachqiya, near Marjeyoun, in South Lebanon, according to the Al-Manar channel, affiliated with the Shiite party Hezbollah . The army was responding to three rocket attacks sent from Lebanon. Of the three projectiles, only two reached Israeli territory, hitting the town of Kiryat Shmona, where the mayor urged residents to stay in their missile shelters. The shots did not cause any injuries.

Unclaimed shots The Arab-speaking spokesman for the Israeli army, Avichay Adraee, spoke on Twitter: “The Lebanese state is responsible for what happens on its territory. The Israeli military warns against continuing aggressions against Israel’s sovereignty and its inhabitants. ” He specified that these strikes targeted missile launch sites, as well as “terrorist activities “.

# فيديو الغارات الجوية التي شنتها الطائرات الحربية الليلة الماضية في # لبنان مستهدفة مناطق اطلاق القذائف الصاروخية بالاضافة الى بنية تحتية تستخدم لنشاطات إرهابية. تتحمل دولة لبنان مسؤولية ما يجري داخل أراضيها. يحذر جيش الدفاع من مواصلة محاولات الاعتداء ضد مواطني # إسرائيل وسيادتها

— افيخاي ادرعي (@AvichayAdraee) August 5, 2021 The three rocket attacks, a few hours earlier, have still not been claimed. According to the Israeli daily Haaretz, IDF officials believe that these projectiles are not linked to the Hezbollah, but rather to Palestinian factions. Avichay Adraee had already warned that an escalation could take place. If the Israeli air force regularly bombs the Gaza Strip and Syria, its last strikes in Lebanon date back to 2006. Since then, Israel had only resorted to artillery fire in this territory.

“Avoid any further escalation” For his part, the Minister of Defense, Benny Gantz, wished to send a firm message to the United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL), present in the territory since 1978 in order to monitor the Israeli border in coordination with the Lebanese army: “We will not allow the social, economic and political crisis in Lebanon to turn into a security threat for Israel”, a he said. The last rocket attacks from Lebanon date back to May, which was escalating with Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

UNIFIL is also monitoring the application of the resolution 1701 of the Security Council, adopted in August 2006 in the hope of ending the Israeli-Lebanese conflict. “The UNIFIL chief of mission and force commander, Major General Stefano Del Col, was in immediate contact with the parties. He urged them to cease the fire and to exercise maximum restraint to avoid any further escalation, especially on this solemn anniversary ”, said the UN body in a press release, when thousands of Lebanese were going to the port of Beirut to pay tribute to the victims of the explosion of August 4 2020 .

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