How to play split-screen multiplayer co-op in Stranded Deep on PC

Is Stranded Deep Co-Op available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One?

Is Stranded Deep cooperative on PC, PS4 and Xbox One? Well, yes and no. The short answer is that the PC version of the survival game features local split-screen multiplayer. The PS4 and Xbox One versions of the game don’t feature any multiplayer mode, so you can’t play with a friend yet.

Currently, there is no word on when or if the console versions of Stranded Deep will receive cooperative functionality, although it is certainly possible in future updates. It wasn’t good in the game’s life – roughly three years – that multiplayer was added to the PC version at the end of 2018.

If you are wondering how to play with a friend on PC, the rest of this guide will show you how to do it. It’s super easy if a little fuzzy.

How to play split-screen multiplayer co-op in Stranded Deep on PC

How to play split screen multiplayer co op in Stranded Deep on PC

First of all, you will need to connect a controller to your PC. You can do this before or after the game ends, it doesn’t matter.

Now go to Options -> Enter -> Controllers. You should see two options, as shown in the screenshot above: “Keyboard and Mouse” and “Xinput Gamepad 1.”

Your keyboard and mouse should have “P1” on the far right of the screen. Currently, the gamepad option below reads “None”. Click “None”, and it will change to “P2”.

You are now ready to begin. To access split-screen multiplayer co-op on PC:

  • Start a new game
  • Click on “Solo” to the right of “Mode”
    • This will change to “Cooperative”
    • Another avatar will appear on the screen

The image at the top of this guide is what your screen should look like once you’ve switched to multiplayer.

It should be noted that you can also use Steam’s Remote Play Together feature to play with your friends. You can play on different devices, but it’s still a split screen.

That’s all you need to know about Stranded Deep split-screen multiplayer co-op. While you can play it remotely, it’s currently designed for local multiplayer with friends. For more on the deep sea survival game, be sure to check out our other Stranded Deep guides here or above.