Keeping your smartphones safe isn’t actually as difficult as one might think. To be able to do some tricks need to be very careful about that. Come on, let’s look at these tricks together.

Smartphones are almost our hands and feet. Every detail that belongs to us is stored on these devices. Sometimes internet user information, sometimes our credentials can be contained here. Even when we shop, our card details can remain registered here again. That’s exactly what makes these devices so important.

The inclusion of such important information on these devices attracts the attention of hackers. They either sell you data or access your debit card information.

Keeping your smartphones safe: stay away from mass use
We advise you not to engage in mass use as much as possible. Otherwise, you can be a very easy target. Even if public Wi-Fi networks are free, it still shouldn’t be too tempting. Such offers are much more easily attractive, especially where the internet is so expensive.

If you connect to public Wi-Fi networks in any way, hackers can gain access to devices that belong to you. Even control of your device can switch to them. So don’t opt for public USB charging points or Wi-Fi networks unless you’re in too much trouble.

Opt for alternatives and use locks instead of apps like WhatsApp
You’ve seen a lot of Facebook-related news lately. Platforms like WhatsApp and Facebook try to store all your data. In this case, both your personal data and your bank account details are in great danger. If you want to keep your smartphones safe, opt for platforms like Signal or Telegram.

Be careful to keep a screen lock on your mobile phone. This way, even if the device is lost, the data inside it will remain safe. As a matter of fact, screen locks can often provide confidence.

1-Protect Your Phone with password
2-turn off Location sharing
3-turn off Bluetooth when there is no need
4-check privacy and security settings
5-which accounts do you automatically log in to?
6-review your downloaded apps
7-use an extra security shield to prevent others from accessing your accounts
8-lock devices remotely thanks to online accounts
9-use third-party apps to keep your number private
10-try not to store sensitive information on your phone
11-install an antivirus application on your phone