This series Family guy is this a racist series ? Because they make jokes about Islam and with something like that I don’t understand jokes about Islam is forbidden the racists at Family Guy? No one should make jokes about Islam.

Not only about Islam, but also about other religions. Don’t find the series funny or anything else. Just disrespectful sometimes.

Unfortunately, they don’t care if people are “injured” with it or if people of this target group may feel attacked with it, as long as it does not affect them themselves. Unfortunately, that is the case.

Yes, out, but that’s no reason for me not to look, as these racist statements serve only for entertainment, a little black humour hasn’t hurt anyone yet 😉

You have to forget that it’s a comedy somewhere. So if you don’t take it too seriously.

Watch Charlie Hebdo cartoons.

Who says that?

The series includes all sorts of humour, whether you celebrate it or not, we don’t care.