iPhone: urgently change this setting to avoid being spied on

Apple has done a lot for years to give its iPhones an image of being safe, respectful, and of devices that protect users’ privacy. However, there is still undoubtedly a good margin for improvement on certain points. This is the case of localization and a setting that is surprising to say the least associated with it.

We owe this discovery to the influencer @t_sply on TikTok. The latter originally wanted to show how to surprise in the act a partner of whom you suspect infidelity. “This is the best way to track someone”, explains the influencer. Who adds: “it risks destroying a lot of couples in the process”.

Discover the iPhone setting that allows anyone close to you to spy on your movements

The latter then shows the location of an iPhone menu that displays a list of “significant places”. In other words, the places you frequent often. Obviously if someone can access this menu, they can deduce a lot about your private life. Accessing this menu nevertheless requires knowing your iPhone password.

But obviously, this is information that your ex, your friends, and members of your family, even malware that has managed to score your code may know. Judge by yourself. To access your list of Highlights:

Go to

Settings > Privacy > Location Services Scroll to the bottom of the list Go to System Services > Important Places If you have FaceID, your iPhone will then validate your identity with facial recognition. But if that doesn’t work, just enter the smartphone code to access your Important Places. In other words, the ones you visit most often. All with a fairly precise location that can be displayed in Plans or Google Maps if you want to start the route.

We don’t really understand the point of the feature. Apple is content to specify that the service allows: “to obtain precise location data in Maps, Calendar, Photos and other apps. These locations are end-to-end encrypted and cannot be read by Apple”. You can a priori deactivate important places from this screen and Delete history without this having the slightest impact on the experience user.

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If only this will prevent your loved ones from tracking you a little too easily. In the same vein, by the way, we recommend that you check who you are currently sharing your location with. You can do this in Settings > Privacy > Location Services > Share My Location. Just check that the “Friends” list does not contain people with whom you prefer not to permanently share your location…

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