iPhone 13: its price has just fallen, delivery guaranteed before Christmas

The iPhones are Apple’s latest nuggets. Available on the market since September, this range is illustrated with a very premium positioning and a remarkable design. We appreciate the aesthetics of each model as well as their technical performance such as photo or general power. For Christmas you can get the phones with great discount thanks to RED by SFR.

Currently, the latest iPhone 13 is available at the price of 699 euros instead of 809 euros . This is a refund offer that concerns the entire range, to take advantage of it, you just have to complete the associated document on the official RED by SFR website: it does not take more than a few minutes. This is the only condition to be entitled to the reduction, you are not bound to make a commitment or the like. Here are all the offers on each model:

iPhone to 699 € instead from 909 € iPhone 13 mini to 699 € instead of 799 € iPhone Pro at 1 15 € instead of 1 159 € iPhone Pro Max at 1 100 € instead of 1 259 € To access all discounts on iPhone , it’s here:

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These iPhone discounts are the perfect craq opportunity uer on a new premium smartphone from Apple. In addition, RED by SFR is able to deliver the order before the Christmas holidays, which is even more perfect if you want to offer the smartphone during the New Year’s Eve which takes place in a few days. Remember to check the delivery date depending on the model, because some color formats and storage are shipped later. All the details appear on the official website of the operator next to the reductions.

As we have said, stockouts have already hit a few iPhones 13: some colors cannot be found. If you want to make this smartphone the perfect gift for the Christmas holidays, you have to take the next step or risk missing this discount of more than 100 euros on the version of your choice.

Crazy offers on the iPhone 13 for Christmas

No one is able to do as well as RED by SFR at the end of the year. For these Christmas holidays, he is the only one to offer such a generous discount on iPhones – especially since the offer concerns the entire range. No matter which model interests you, you are sure to get a deal. Even Amazon and Cdiscount cannot compete with the operator, you will not find a better price elsewhere.

We are not even talking about Apple, because the brand never lowers the price of his iPhone 13 or all of his other references. Whether Christmas is around the corner or not, its prices always stay the same. To save money on its premium products, there is no other solution than to turn to official resellers like RED by SFR. In addition, all the conditions are the same.

By taking an iPhone , you benefit from the two-year manufacturer’s warranty. It is as if you bought it from the brand, because you can also go to the official stores of the latter if you have any questions about how the phone works. In addition, RED by SFR is able to deliver the majority of models before the Christmas holidays, you can receive the smartphone between two to five working days. Once again, check the operator’s instructions for shipping anyway depending on the version, color and storage format.

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Finally, RED by SFR leaves you up to 13 days to change your mind on each iPhone . You can give it away for the Christmas holidays and return it afterwards if the recipient of the gift is not satisfied. The return is free and triggers a full refund right away. Don’t miss out on these offers, they can run out of stock at any time.

Choose iPhone 13 at RED by SFR

Apple’s new range consists of four models: iPhone 13, 13 mini, 13 Pro and 13 Pro Max. Each version has points in common with the others, but also differences. It is worth looking in more detail at the technical characteristics of this generation, which stand out among the most high-end smartphones on the market.

In terms of size, the iPhones 13 measure 6.1 inches, 5.4 inches, 6.1 inches and 6.6 inches. It is an element which contributes to the variety of the range and which allows everyone to choose an appropriate model. Indeed, those who prefer the smaller and more compact models turn to the mini version while those who want an extra large panel are satisfied by the iPhone 13 Pro Max. For their part, the standard and Pro versions are exactly the same size, it is their camera that differs.

On the photo side, precisely, the iPhones 13 and 13 mini are entitled to a double photo module installed at the back. For their part, the Pro and Pro Max versions are equipped with a triple photo sensor, the most premium model is logically the most efficient. On each model, there is a selfie camera installed alongside Face ID technology to unlock the phone with facial recognition. The whole range offers excellent image, photo and video rendering thanks to the update from the previous version, the same goes for the autonomy of this generation.

Finally, the iPhones can boast of their very premium performance. Each model has the latest A chip 14 imagined by Apple internally, this one ensures a smooth experience – regardless of the use of the phone (mobile game, heavy applications, etc.). In addition, it allows better management of the battery in the immediate and long term as well as high-level image processing. No need to remind you that these offers will not last, do it as soon as possible.

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