iOS upgrades to version 15.2.1: here's why you need to update your iPhone

Apple has just launched a new version of iOS and iPadOS (15.2.1) on all recent iPhones and iPads. This new version of the mobile operating system does not really bring new features, despite a download of almost 1 GB, but in fact fixes several security flaws. The first bug fixed by the update is in the Message app. It was impossible to display photos sent via an iCloud link on certain devices.

Another bug impacted CarPlay, the interface dedicated to cars. Some non-native apps seemed to crash and no longer accept input or touch action while running. But the real reason for this update is above all a critical flaw in the HomeKit connected object system. Apple explains that changing the names of lamps and other connected objects in a certain way could crash all the devices connected to your home.

Apple fixes three bugs and flaws security in iOS 15.2.1

And block them in a boot loop sequence making them unusable. You should know that the problem remains present in the current versions of iOS 14. This version of the operating system is the latest available for iPhone 6 and earlier models. These models will no longer benefit from any patches, which means that it is possible to block them remotely by exploiting the HomeKit bug.

In addition to these patches, Apple has just launched the beta 2 of iOS/iPadOS 15.3. This new version is only available for registered developers. Among the new features, we just know that this version fixes bugs and contains some “improvements”, but we don’t really know for the moment what are the new features that justify the transition from iOS 15.2 to iOS 15.3.

Whatever your case , the new version of the operating system will be available in OTA. To install it, go to your iPhone, in Settings > General > Update. Note that you will need to be connected to a WiFi network and have your iPhone have more than 50% battery to be able to start the update .

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