Introduction To The Dark Web

İntroduction To The Dark Web
Deep web / dark web, which is one of the most popular topics of the internet, continues to create an agenda with questions such as what is it, how to access it, who is located here, what can I achieve. By writing an article on this topic, we wanted to inform our readers about dark web login.

By talking about a few news stories about the Deep Web or Darknet, we can see how it has made an impact in sight. Road Silk was a site on the Dark Web, where billions of dollars of drugs and other illegal purchases were made. Its founder, Ross Ulbricht, was captured in 2013 and the site was shut down. Ulbricht was tried for 7 separate offenses and sentenced to life imprisonment in 2015. Another example is the WikiLeaks documents. The publication of some of these documents, allegedly obtained from the Deep Web, was enough to get the world on its feet.

The information contained in its contents included confidential information from states, especially America, and some private organizations. Julian Assange, The Founder / Editor of the website where the documents were published, was in trouble. In the official process, it is said that the source of Wikileaks is Bradley Manning, who gave it to Assange. Adrian Lamo, a 37-year-old American hacker who tipped off Bradley Manning to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), was found dead in his home last year. Julian Assange was staying at the Ecuadorian embassy building in London to avoid extraversion to the United States. The Ecuadorian state recently handed Assange over to British police. He’s currently under arrest for a different crime. Some of his beliefs have been given to US officials and investigations have been launched. Of course, his exception to the United States is considered in question. Another example is Edward Snowden, who is accused of leaking information and documents from the National Security Agency (NSA). We know he stole classified information from the NSA and gave it to news sites through TOR. He doesn’t deny it. Snowden, on the other hand, lives on a private property in Russia under the auspices of Russia.

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This news brings more questions to mind about the issue. When did the Deep web appear? Does deep web and dark web mean the same thing? Is it a crime to break into the Deep web? A little more technically, is the deep web a separate network? In order to answer such questions, explanations have been made starting with the emergence of the internet in titles.

Emergence Of The Internet
The advent of the internet goes back to the concept of the “galactic network”, which was discussed by Linklider at the Massachusetts Institute of Tecnology (MIT) in 1962. The internet took its first form in 1969 with the ARPANET project carried out at the “Defense Advanced Research Projects Institute”(DARPA) of America. The project began with connecting the hosts of the four central universities, and then other hosts were involved and ARPANET began to grow.

The concept of Darknet was first used in the ARPANET project in 1970. The ropes, which are privileged in ARPANET, are detected by darknet. In this way, it can receive data without appearing on the network and does not respond to pings.

At this time, the ARPANET counterpart, such as NLP, Merit Network, uucp, had reached a certain size in itself in different networks. Together with ARPANET, they played a role in the formation of today’s internet. By using TCP / IP protocol, different networks were able to communicate with each other, communicate with each other and miles of computers and computer systems were formed that could be a common network, and millions of computers and computer systems were formed in later times. Protocols are a set of rules that allow computers or computer systems to communicate on a network. If the protocol is not followed in communication, even if data is obtained, it will not be able to go beyond being stacks that cannot be understood.

How Did The Use Of The Internet Begin?
According to We Are Social and Hootsuite, which reports on global internet use every year, there are 4.388 billion internet users worldwide. These users can use social media, banking, health, education, tourism, transportation, communication, commerce, etc. they operate in areas. Some of these activities are carried out with internet browsers (e.g. google chrome, firefox, etc.), while some are carried out through programs (putty.exe, WhatsApp, VNC viewer, mobile apps etc.) is happening.

Many protocols are used on the internet, created based on the tcp/ip communication model. In order to avoid problems between the parties providing communication, the use of the same protocols has become mandatory. Before we go into the details of the Deep web topic, let’s continue our topic by explaining the difference in concept between the internet and the web.

Web: Word is a service that works on the internet, which is the generic name of the Wide Web. The Web consists of interconnected hypertext, and each hypertext is a web page. The content of this web page can be text, as well as images, videos, music, and so on. A web page can be accessed through web browsers, a program that runs on user computers. Are called Links used for access. Http (hypertext protocol) is also used for sharing hypertext. http is a protocol that uses the TCP / IP communication model.

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The Web uses the client server model in its operation. When the client computer requests web pages from the server computer, the server computer returns the web page that it will display.

A person who wants to publish a website on the Internet must first provide a domain name. If any desired domain name is not in use, the domain name is registered from a registered company. This domain name it’s okay. We’ll wait to be reached at this address. As mentioned earlier, the use of a protocol is essential for healthy communication. Because communication is provided over ip, the ip address pointing to the domain name must be known in order to access the server. Another service, DNS (Domain Name Services), performs this job. Its task is to return the ip address corresponding to the domain name. So all over the world it becomes accessible.

Any user enters the domain name they want to go to the web browser ( starts access. Web browser gets the IP address by resolving the address from the DNS server defined on the user’s computer (phone, tablet, etc.). the web browser that receives the un ip address reaches the web server and requests its homepage. Home pages are usually indexed.html, index.php, index.asp, default.asp, consists of html and similar files. After the homepage is forwarded by the web server, click on different links on the page other files belonging to a may be requested. If the direct link address of the desired file is known, this page can also be requested directly by typing it in the address bar of the web browser. The requested file will be displayed again under the browser. In many sources, the size and separation of the web is made as in the picture below, and the web is divided into three parts. These are Surface web, deep web, and dark web.

What Is Surface Web?
Content that can be obtained / indexed with known web browsers creates a surface Web. Websites whose direct link address is unknown are accessed by search engines hosted by web browsers (google, bing, yandex, duckduckgo, yahoo, baidu, ask…). When anything is written and searched in the search engine related to the content that needs to be reached, the search engine will present the addresses that it indexes that we may want to access using its own algorithm. Each content / hypertext associated with the entered keyword will be included in the search engine.

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Because search engines use their own algorithms, the links are listed in different ranks. Advertising in the search engine and similar situations has an effect on listing. In cases where the usual flow of everyday life occurs, we can easily perform the operations we want from the banking sector, transportation, education to social media using web browsers.

What Is Deep Web?
It means ” a class of content on the internet that is not indexed by traditional search engines for various technical reasons.”It is therefore invisible with a traditional search engine. Information pre-generate content that covers the deep web sites through private intranets (internal networks, such as companies, government agencies, or universities), commercial databases such as Lexis Nexis or Westlaw, or search queries, or forms. It is also called Hidden web.

In Deep web, a site owner uses some techniques to keep the website secret from web browsers and prevent pages from being indexed. Some of these include making sure that surface websites do not contain links to their pages, limiting access to pages by technical means (for example, captchas), or requiring login to access the pages.

As an example, a Deep Web Pastebin has a large amount of content published there because a lot of information, most pages do not have links to the source, and it can only be found using certain search tools. Another example is portals where a particular group provides access using login information [7]. Examples include banking data, patient data, personal identification data, etc.

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