Internet box. The Livebox is sold off, long live the Orange fiber (-45%)

If the sales are fully launched on the internet and in stores, Orange has also decided to put on a show this weekend. Several Internet boxes are currently accompanied by a generous reduction, including an excellent formula which is positioned as the best offer of the moment with a mini price. If you want to save money, it’s the Livebox Fiber that you have to choose.

Thanks to the current offer, the Livebox Fiber Internet box at Orange is falling at 30,99 euros per month for the fiber with very high speed (400 Mb/s), unlimited calls to landlines and 140 TV channels with a 4K decoder. This triple-play offer which includes connection, calls and TV usually amounts to 41,99 euros per month at the supplier, which means that you save -41%.

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In addition to offering the Livebox Fiber Internet box at a competitive price, Orange also displays offers on the rest of its range. Regardless of the formula you choose, the transition to your new provider is simple and efficient, we will explain the procedure to you.

Why choose this Internet box at Orange ?

The Livebox Fiber Internet box has the merit of being very complete at Orange. Few competitors can boast of offering such a relevant offer at the start of the year 2022. In detail, this formula includes a Fiber connection with a speed of 400 Mb/s for downloading and sending. In short, it provides the speed necessary for the connection of several people to live under the same roof – whether it is to watch streaming content on Netflix or otherwise.

On the other hand, this same Internet box signed Orange also includes 140 TV channels with a 4K decoder. The latter is optional, it is provided on request (and included in the price of 22,99 euros per month). It is compatible with 4K, which ensures you benefit from a beautiful quality of images from your television. We also note the presence of telephony for the same monthly rate, all calls to landlines are free to France and to 110 countries — details of the countries concerned is indicated on the supplier’s official website.

The price of this Internet box remains 22,99 euros per month for one year. It is guaranteed by Orange for the entire period then it goes back to 41, 99 euros after this period. The duration commitment also extends over one year, which means that you can leave the supplier when returning to the base rate. It should be noted that the commitment is 12 months for the entire range accompanied by reductions this weekend.

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As for the other Internet boxes, Orange also offers the Livebox Up Fiber Internet box. Its price is ,41 euros per month during one year then 70,99 euros per month. This subscription gives you access to very high-speed Fiber up to 2 Gb/s shared download (maximum 1 Gb/s per device), unlimited calls to landlines and mobiles in mainland France (and Europe, overseas departments, USA, Canada) as well as 140 TV channels and the 4K decoder. The Connected Home service is also optional at no additional cost.

If you are looking for an Internet box and a mobile plan, Orange also has what you need with its latest formula at a low price this weekend. end. At the price of ,41 euros per month during one year, it wants to be very complete with a mobile subscription of 70 GB of Internet, Fiber and TV (140 channels and 4K decoder). Whatever your budget or your needs, you are sure to find the offer that suits you at the supplier this weekend.

Change box at Orange

Choosing an Internet box at Orange remains very simple. First, you must check your eligibility for Fiber by entering the postal address of the home concerned directly on the supplier’s official website in the dedicated box. You’ll get the answer within seconds, ensuring you’re certain you’re choosing the right offer. Then, you just have to select the formula of your choice.

In the end, the procedure to change your Internet box does not take you more than ten minutes on the official site of Orange. The latter takes care of terminating your offer with your current supplier, then an expert comes to take care of the free Fiber connection to your home. Then, your new Livebox starts up automatically so that you can easily enjoy your connection.

While Orange offers excellent Internet boxes, the supplier is also recognized for the quality of its customer service. Online as in physical stores, you will get all the answers in case of problems. The icing on the cake, it also covers up to 100 euros in cancellation fees if you leave your current formula for one of its own. Don’t wait any longer to save money, there is bound to be one of these offers that suits your expectations for this month of January.

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