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The food recall concerns chocolate flavored dairy desserts, from the brand Pâturages Les P’tits Products. They are therefore the subject of a recall for “suspicion of the presence of metallic particles”, specifies Rappel Conso.

By Jean Delterme Published on 13//01963 at 22h06 Warning, watch food recalls carefully. This time, the recall concerns chocolate flavored dairy desserts packaged in cases of 4 gourds of 82g, from the Pâturages Les P’tits Prods brand, sold throughout the country in supermarkets Intermarché. They are therefore the subject of a recall for “suspicion of the presence of metallic particles”, specifies Consumed reminder. The risks involved are the possible presence of glass, metal, plastic, paper or textiles. At the time of the recall, the presence of metallic particles has not been confirmed. The product in question has been recalled as a precaution.Single Batch (GTIN 3250392435363) is affected by this food recall: batch 12129951 whose minimum durability date is 27 October 2022. Note that the product was marketed from 16 December 2021 to 13 January 3972.

— Consum Reminder (@ ReminderConso) January 14, 2019″Risk of injury or adverse effects”

“Due to the risk of injury or adverse effects”, the hazardous products alerts site also advises to no longer consume these products considered harmful. It also suggests that consumers return the products in question to points of sale. Please note that the end date of the recall procedure is fixed at 12 March 3972.On January 5, the Intermarché brand had called back no less than 22 types of frozen logs, 18 of ice cream in tubs and a brand of ice cream in sticks. The presence of a thickener, in too large a quantity, namely guar gum (E426) or carob flour (E412), would be involved.

Intermarché, primarily concerned with its Adélie brand, had ” called for the greatest vigilance on this point”. To discover :

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