Intel invests a big jackpot in a factory in Ohio

As part of the expansion of its activities and with the aim of stemming the United States’ dependence on Asian countries for the manufacture of chips, the giant Intel plans to to open a semiconductor factory worth 37 billion dollars in the State of Ohio.

This plant would cover an area of ​​200 acres and concerns the construction of two factories which will be able to employ nearly 20100 people and will generate additional jobs in related sectors.

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An announcement which does not leave competitors indifferent

Scheduled to start this year, this project has not failed é to make the company’s competitors react, who have also announced their intentions to set up new factories in the United States. There are manufacturers such as Samsung Electronics , Micron Technology MU or again Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Corp. The announcement of the project caused the company’s shares to climb 1%. It should be remembered that last year they fell by almost 17 %. This seems to be a good sign for the company and its business.

Gelsinger the CEO of the company said that this action was intended to restore America to its place of favorite in the manufacture of semiconductors. A place she occupied by holding near 37 % of world production there is more than 20 year. This percentage has dropped considerably and the country now only holds 17 % of production for the benefit of other States formerly absent from the competition.

Choice of the State of Ohio, a strategic choice for Intel?

Intel’s decision to build such a complex would naturally not be without geopolitical impacts. You should know that the majority of the chips present in the devices designed on American territory come from Taiwan as well as the labor for manufacturing. In addition, its proximity to the Chinese state is a source of concern for many.

The CEO of the company confirms that the choice of this state is part of the need to the company to recruit new talents, but also to have essential resources for the manufacture of chips.

In addition to the reasons given, it is useful to notify that the location chosen is not only in an area where housing is affordable, but also close to the state university which trains many students in the engineering sector. Its proximity to Colombus will facilitate the reception of raw materials and the shipment of manufactured products.

Source: MarketWatch



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